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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Collegiate Kicking Records

Most Career Points (Men)
470 points by Jeff Schebler, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, 2006-2009
"That all still seems a little unreal. I've had people ask me about it, but honestly I haven't spent a lot of time thinking about individual records. It's something I'm sure I'll appreciate more in a few years when I have a chance to look back and reflect a bit on the big picture.... It hasn't hit me yet what I've accomplished. I'm just out there trying to get points for our team. It's crazy to think about - the numbers and stuff. When I came here, I didn't really know how things would work out.... Getting the chance to play in 60 college games is the thing that impresses me the most. Most college players don't get that chance. I've been fortunate to be part of great teams. Having the chance to play in 60 games and four national championship games, that's pretty special."
Most Career Points (Women)
100 points by Brittany Ryan, Lebanon Valley College, 2007-2010
"Mostly I've been thinking about coming away with a win. We've been working so hard all week to come away with this. [The record breaking kick] was just like any other point. Obviously I was nervous, I'm nervous about every kick, but I was just glad it went through."
Longest Field Goal (using a 2" tee)
69 yarder by Ove Johansson, Abilene Christian, in 17-0 win vs. East Texas State on 10/16/76
“I was kicking them pretty good that day [in warmups] and my crazy holder Dean Low talked me into trying one from 70, so we did. You have to realize that when we were attempting the 70-yard field goals, we were standing right in the middle of the other team’s calisthenics. I remember one of their players asked, ‘What do y’all think you’re doing,’ and we said warming up. Then I kicked two 70-yard field goals in their face.”
Longest Field Goal (no tee)
65 yarder Martin Gramatica, Kansas State in 73-7 win v. Northern Illinois on 9/12/1998
"I still can't believe it. I really can't explain it right now. It happened so fast and so soon. I have to thank coach [ Bill Snyder] and the snapper [Brandon Knowles] and the holder and all the guys blocking.... I'm just hoping that 65 is good enough. I don't want to even try 70 now. I knew I could reach it. It was just a question of whether I would keep it straight, and I'm glad it did."
Longest Field Goal (Women)
39 yarder by Tonya Butler, West Alabama College in 24-35 loss at Central Arkansas on 11/8/2003
"I've been doing this since I was 13, but I've never kicked a bomb," she said. "For my own ego, I want to do it. I try to let that 'girl' novelty stuff take a back seat. It's any kicker's goal to expand your range. It's my last year. I want to go out with a bang."
Consecutive PATs
233 straight by Alex Trlica, Texas Tech, 2004-2007
"I feel like it's a record that would probably be hard to break. If I could keep it going for next year, I don't foresee it probably getting broken for a while, just because we score so many touchdowns around here. And it just shows that I'm consistent. That's probably one of the most important aspects of a kicker is to be consistent."
Best Career Field Goal Percentage
89.5% (68 of 76) by Alex Henery, Nebraska, 2007-2010
"I've always tried to keep everything pretty simple and never get too high or too low. I keep telling myself I can make it, and everything will work out okay. You can't let your mind wander any more than that or you'll get in trouble. It's the same with awards or records or anything like that. They can't become your goal or your priority. I like the way we practice and compete at Nebraska. Everything is geared to winning and to the team. That always takes precedent over individual accomplishments, and that's the way it should be."


Susan Kirby Corder said...

Is there an official college record for the longest drop kick? My grandpa, Maurice Lodge, played for Black Hills State College (now U) and some close family members have told me he still holds the BHSC record and the all-college record. I can't find anything to substantiate this claim. It's entirely possible I misunderstood what family members were telling me.

Here's a link to the blurb written when Grandpa Lodge was inducted into the BHSU Hall of Fame. I'd love to get your thoughts on who the record holder is. Thanks!

Mike Herman said...

65 yards by J.P. Ross, Birmingham A.C. (W 5-4) v Alabama, 11/12/1892 (drop-kick)

The above comes from the following essential webpage:

Susan Kirby Corder said...

Thank you Mike!

CharlieCoachLee said...

Nice compilation Mike. Thanks for researching and sharing.

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