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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Hawthorn or Sydney?

The Australian Rules football season comes to its grand conclusion this weekend with the AFL Grand Final, where the Hawthorn Hawks will face the Sydney Swans. 

We checked in with a few Aussies, most of whom have become associated with American football punting, to get their thoughts on the big game.

Ben Graham (from Leopold, Victoria, Australia)
punter for Detroit Lion; also a former Geelong Cat
"Hawthorn by five goals, even though my Grandfather played 227 games for South Melbourne (now Sydney). Hawthorn are an attacking team, Sydney are defensive minded but I think when Sydney decide to attack in the 2nd half, the game will open up and Hawthorn will capitalise, score quickly and run away with it. Lance Franklin and Cyril Rioli will be influential and Sam Mitchell to win the Norm Smith medal."
Josh Bartel (from Kiewa, Victoria, Australia)
punter for Hamilton Tiger-Cats
"It's going to be a tough one to call. Hawks have some exciting players that can turn a game around in 10 minutes with Franklin, Rioli and Hodge. But Sydney is a team that never says die. They are a scrappy in and under team that love the hard ball, especially with Bolton and Kennedy in the midfield. If Sydney can shut down Franklin and Rrioli they will come out with the win. Sydney in a thriller by 4 points."
Brad Wing (from Melbourne Australia)
Punter for Louisiana State University
"Hawthorn. Buddy Franklin is a beast and he will dominate."
John Smith (from Leafield England)
former NFL and CFL kicker, now with Prokick Australia
"Sydney because they epitomize what a team is all about. Strong in all areas. Hawthorn have amazing talent but if if doesn't all shine on the day it will go to the wire and Sydney will be consistent in all four quarters. The Bloods by 10."
Christian Eldred (from Melbourne Australia)
punter for University of Minnesota
"I think Hawthorn wins, primarily because I'm from Victoria. I feel as if they have so many options in the forward line that can hit the score board, and that Sydney won't be able to be accountable for all of them."
Chris Bryan (from Keysborough, Victoria, Australia)
punter for Tampa Bay Bucs in 2010 and the NY Jets last preaseason; also a former Collingwood Magpie
"Hawthorn. Not to sure why because haven't seen much footy, but I think they might just get it. Will be a great game & Sydney are a chance."
Dave Lonie (from Palm Beach Australia)
former punter for University of California
I think Sydney will win mate. I think they are well drilled and four quarters of even football. Hawthorn seem to turn it on here and there and in a Grand Final you need to play for four quarters. I also think Sydney has a better defence and that might be enough to get them the win."
Stuart Lierich (from Brisbane Australia)
"I believe Sydney will win! They have a well conditioned midfield that plays "accountable" football. Expect a gameplan of one-to-one across the field. Sydney have strength in their defensive key positions and should play physically 'close' to Hawthorn. I don't expect a high scoring match, regardless of the weather, but in a tight contest my tip is the Swans by 12 points."
Jy Bond (from Melbourne Australia)
punted for UFL's Hartford Colonials in 2010 and in camp with the New York Giants
"I heard its going to be a wet day so it could be close. I have to go with the bloods - my dad was involved with the Swans when he retired & I spent time around the team as a youngster - idolized the Wizz Warwick Capper!"
Jay Karutz (from Sydney Australia)
punter for Eastern Michigan University
"Sydney Swans by 15 points. Played with and against Kieren Jack, and Jarrad McVeigh in State Sides and juniors, gotta go with the Sydney boys. Family members since 1998, GO SWANNIES!!!!!"
Scott Crough (from Bungaree, Victoria, Australia)
has worked out for several CFL & NFL teams
"Definitely building a case for Sydney after last weeks effort over Collingwood, they were a lot more impressive and if their defense can hold up against the Hawthorn talls and they can keep scoreboard pressure on them early, I think they can beat the Hawks, but it will be tight I think, Swans by 15 points."
Sam Irwin Hill (from Bendigo Australia)
punter for City College of San Francisco
"Sydney are a great team that play fare and put in four quarters of solid football, but Hawthorn i feel will turn it on in the second half and play some clutch football and come out winners."
Nathan Chapman (from Bendigo Australia)
former Green Bay Packers punter, now with Prokick Australia
"Sydney for me. I have seen them grind away with relentless pressure for a few weeks now and feel its just a timing thing. I believe they are a little more structured in their game play. For those who get the chance to watch it, this will be a super fast tough game. Enjoy!"
Jamie Keehn (from Gracemere, Queensland, Australia)
punter for Louisiana State University
"It's been about four months since I have watched a game, but I think Hawthorn. To put it simple, Buddy Franklin is the x-factor. The guy is a freak."

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