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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Name That Foot, episode 1

Welcome to the much-anticipated debut episode of Name That Foot. We'll forego the fanfare and get right to it.... 

To which three individuals do the feet pictured below belong? 
The first person to correctly name all three in the comments section below earns an honorary degree in kickology, with a minor in trivial photography. Answers will be added to the post next week.

Hint: a steelhead is just as likely to take a hook wrapped with yarn as it is to take an elegantly tied spey.

Hint: sorry, no hint is probably needed for this one.

Hint: 12,081 kilometers = 7,507 miles = 6,523 nautical miles 

Congratulations to official winner Brandon Hellevang, former kicker at University of North Dakota, who was the first to post the correct answers in the comments section. Congratulations to secondary winner Chris Koepplin, former kicker in camp with the New England Patriots the past two summers, who was the first the provide the correct answers, albeit via twitter rather than posted here.

The correct answers are:
A. Gary Anderson. The hint pertains to fly fishing, which is what he's been doing since retiring from kicking.
B. Pelé.
C. Darren Bennett. The hint is the distance between Sydney Australia, from whence he hails, and San Diego California, where he punted in the NFL and now resides.


Anonymous said...

Gary Anderson, Pele, Darren Bennett

Michael Husted NFL Kicker, Husted Kicking, National Camp Series said...

Ditto on Brandon's answer above.

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