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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Name That Foot, episode 2

To which three individuals do the feet pictured below belong? 
The first person to correctly name all three in the comments section below earns an honorary degree in kickology, with a minor in trivial photography. Answers will be added to the post next week.

Hint: this photo was taken during a game played during the calendar year 2010. (sorry about the poor resolution)

Hint: this photo was also taken during a match played during the calendar year 2010.

Hint: yes, this photo too was taken during a game played during the calendar year 2010. Aside from all occurring in the same year, there is a significant commonality between all three.

P.S. Link for this who missed the inaugural Name That Foot

Congratulations to official winner Caleb Moris, who was the first to post the correct answers in the comments section. Honorable mention to secondary winner Adam Tanalski of Hammer Kicking Academy, who was the first the provide correct answers, albeit via facebook rather than posted here.

The correct answers are:
A. Leigh Tiffin kicking a field goal in Alabama's win over Texas for the National Championship.
B. Andrés Iniesta scoring the only goal in Spain's victory over the Netherlands to win the World Cup.
C. Thomas Morstead hitting a successful onside kick to open the second half in Tampa Bay's Super Bowl win over Indianapolis


Caleb Moris said...

Leigh Tiffin, Andrés Iniesta, Garrett Hartley

Mike Herman said...

Caleb: like the frontrunner in the Facebook comments, you have 2 out of 3 correct. The common one you both had correct is Andrés Iniesta for B. He of course scored the lone goal in Spain's win over the Netherlands for the 2010 World Cup.

Caleb Moris said...

Thomas Morstead, not Hartley

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