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Monday, September 24, 2012

NFL Week Three: Kickin' Overtime - Dan Carpenter & Nick Folk

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When the final whistle blew, the New York Jets had won 23-20 over Miami in overtime. As is the case after any close game, the players on the losing side consider the what-if scenarios. Even kickers do so, at least momentarily before they purge or bury the thoughts. Dolphins' kicker Dan Carpenter was wide left on a 47 yard field goal attempt early in the fourth-quarter. He did make a 41 yarder with 21 seconds left in regulation to tie the game. Then in overtime he was wide left again on a 48 yard attempt.
"I let the team down. First of all there shouldn't have been an overtime. We should never have even been there. I just didn't come through. It's something you don't want to do through, but you know there is nothing I can do about it now....
I missed both kicks. There's nothing else to it. My position you have to have a short memory no matter what. Whether you just make 30 in a row or you miss three in a row, it doesn't matter. It's all about the next kick."
Deeper into overtime, Jets' kicker Nick Folk got his opportunity, but the Dolphins blocked his 33 yard field goal attempt.... although officially they did not. Miami head coach Joe Philbin had called timeout just prior to the play for the ever-popular icing-the-kicker ploy.
"I thought it was the right call. I was planning it all along, to call timeout right before he kicked the ball. I really had no reaction whatsoever on that. That was the plan, the thing to do and we did it....
I would say that is our position right now that typically we are going to ice the kicker. But nothing's in stone, I think."
Nick Folk proceeded with the kick.
"I could hear the whistle. [But] I like to get one in, so I tell [long snapper] Tanner Purdum, all the time, even if it is late, go ahead, snap the ball and we'll put it down and kick it. I think part of it too was our guys heard the whistle so they stopped what they were doing....
I'd rather kick it than sit there and not kick it. I got another warmup kick."
 On the re-kick that counted, Folk put it through the uprights for the win.

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