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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Big Kickers on Campus, 2012 week 8

A summary of notable kicking during the eighth week of the 2012 college football season:

Freshman kicker Will Scott hit a 42 yard field goal with 11 seconds remaining to lift Troy 38-37 over Florida International
"I was saying go, go, go. It looked like it was going to be short; I had to talk to it a little bit.... I had a good feeling they were going to ice me when I went out there. They did what I thought they were going to do and it gave me a little extra time to think about it, which I like. I felt like my entire team had confidence in me because every time they came walking by they said, ‘You’ve got this, you’ve got this.’ I felt like they were behind me 100 percent. It was more of I didn’t want to let them down than the situation.... I just knew I had to get it off and give it a chance. It wasn’t a pretty kick, but luckily it went through."
Freshman kicker Jaden Oberkrom made six field goals (32, 41, 32, 45, 38 & 42 yards), the latter to tie the score with 18 seconds left, during TCU's 53-56 overtime loss to Texas Tech.

Sophomore kicker Jeremiah Detmer made five field goals (43, 42, 47, 20 & 25 yards) during Toledo's 29-23 win over Cincinnati.

Sophomore kicker Niklas Sade hit a 43 yard field goal with 32 seconds remaining to give North Carolina State a 20-18 win over Maryland.
"I know anywhere he [Coach O'Brien] puts me, I can make it. "I just ran out there and kicked it, and it's just unexplainable how I felt."  
Junior kicker Jarred Martin's 27-yard field goal with 6:55 left in the game proved to be the winning score as Angelo State won 17-16 over Texas A&M-Commerce.

Senior kicker Kelly Morgan's 35 yard field goal early in the fourth quarter were the winning points in Western Oregon's 20-17 win over Simon Fraser.

Junior kicker Brendan Gibbons made a 38 yard field goal with five seconds left to lift Michigan 12-10 over Michigan State.
"I was thinking about the seniors. That was my main goal, winning it for them. [They said] 'Gibby, go win the game for us. So I just went out there and won the game."
Senior kicker Bobby Hemmann hit a 38 yard field goal as time expired to lift Mount Ida College 24-21 over Maritime College.

Senior kicker Max Gabbard made a 35 yard field goal with 31 seconds remaining to give Wilmington College a 13-12 victory over Marietta, ending a 33 game losing streak.

Junior kicker Griffin Thomas' 44 yard field goal in overtime gave Jacksonville State a 31-28 win over Tennessee State.
“It was good to rebound; that was the main thing. I had a bad week last week and I wasn’t happy with that. I couldn’t think of a better way to come out this week.... I got further to the locker room this time, but I didn’t make it all the way inside. I ran into a brick wall. People were saying, ‘again, again’. Washaun [Ealey] called me ‘Clutch."
Freshman kicker Tyler Henning made a 27 yard field goal in overtime as Coast Guard beat Worcester State 31-28.

Junior kicker David Tomis' 44 yard field goal in overtime gave Elmhurst College a 45-42 win over Millikin.

Senior kicker Michel Chapuseaux made 35 yard field goal in overtime to give South Alabama a 37-34 win over Florida Atlantic.
"I had already been told they were probably going to ice me (call a timeout before his game-winning kick) and to stay out there and do some dry runs, so I expected it. When the time had come, my heart was pounding and I was nervous. I had to settle in because I've practiced so long for this. I was told it was going to come down to me. So I went out there and performed to whatever they expected me to....
I knew the team would expect me to make it, so I went out there and did it. When I start taking my steps over, I zone out everything and I tell myself to be ready for it. When I kicked it, I made sure it was between the posts and then I just turned around. I didn't even look at it. I just let the crowd tell me if it went in, and then I had a swarm of teammates just hitting me. We definitely needed this win; we wanted it more. We didn't give up, and this is definitely going to help us throughout the rest of the season. It's not going to be an easy game every game. It's going to come down to stuff like this."
Junior kicker Jordan Fredo made a 20 yard field goal with 11 seconds remaining to give Wilkes a 38-35 win over Stevenson.

Senior kicker Matt Turchin hit a 22 yard field goal with 10 seconds left in the game as Emory & Henry won 15-14 over Catholic.

If we missed someone that should be on the above list, please let us know!


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How about Freshman Kicker Chad Hedlund for Wake Forest? RS Freshman in his FIRST start @ UVA, was 3 for 3 on FGs, in a 16-10 win?

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Felipe Alfaia game winning PAT with time expired to win for Northern State University

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