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Friday, October 12, 2012

Help Design A Field Goal Decision System

Editor's Note: 
We were recently contacted by a grad student working on a field goal related project (see below for details).

If you're a kicker, holder, snapper, coach, or anyone else involved with field goal kicking, and are interested in providing some input, please contact Steven at the following e-mail address:
I’m a graduate student at Johns Hopkins University pursuing a master’s degree in Systems Engineering.  To complete the degree requirements, I need to complete a design project, which involves developing and specifying a material solution to an identified problem.
The problem that I’ve identified and am attempting to solve is the challenge that football officials and fans have in determining if a field goal kick is good or not, especially if the ball traverses the top of the field goal post.  This seems to be a bit more problematic at the collegiate level, given the shorter goal posts used.  My proposed concept would create a decision system to help football officials determine if a field goal attempt it good or not and would also serve as an enhancement for fans watching the game in the stadium or on TV. It could probably also have utility as a training aid for current and developing football kickers.
To support the development of technical requirements for the system, I need to solicit inputs from representative users.  I would be honored if you would offer your inputs to help guide the design of this system.  This could probably best be done by having a phone call at your convenience to talk about the concept and various "needs" that you may have for the system from your perspective. 
Please write back if you are able to support me in this effort.
Thank you!


James Clark said...

Sounds like you want to combine too many ideas that would be best over a couple different products into one. Stay simple and don't over think. Also don't create a product that is too expensive for people to want to purchase.

Anonymous said...

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