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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

High School Long Kicks - North Carolina

Our series exploring the longest field goals at the high school level in each state continues with North Carolina.
  • 61 Cline Ingle for Burns High during L 3-48 loss to Shelby High on September 1, 2000
"Burns High graduate Cline Ingle still holds the North Carolina high school record for longest made field goal in a game and will be participating at the 2009 U.S. Open Snowboarding Championships in Vermont. For the average sports it's hard to imagine there is a link between football and snowboarding, but the former Burns kicker found one.

Local high school football fans might remember him for his amazing 61-yard field goal in a game against Shelby High in the fall of 2000, a kick that still stands as the longest in North Carolina high school. But Ingle says that while his place in the record book is nice, he expected to split the uprights. That's because the 2001 Burns grad was booting attempts from up to 68 yards out the previous day. That's all the more spectacular given that the NFL record for longest made field goal in a game is from 63 yards....

Ingle never got to try his leg redshirting for a year while at Catawba Community College before stops at Western Carolina and Caldwell Community, where he don't really think about it a lot. Ingle said 'my friends that still live around here give me crap about it'. Ingle doesn't need to. He's too busy these days with his newfound profession. The Cleveland County native who still lives here two months out the year in between peak boarding seasons in New Zealand, flew in on Sunday night to participate in the U.S. Open Snowboarding. 'Definitely the biggest tournament I'll be in this year' Ingle said of the U.S. which runs this week. The other main event on his calendar is during winter in New Zealand, a place that has been Ingle's home for five months. 'The prettiest place I've been' said Ingle 'people are nice and it's been a great'.

As for the link between football and Ingle says it's pretty simple, 'I think just being in athletics helps certain skills transfer. You got pressure on you as a kicker when you're playing football and it's the same kind of pressure you feel. Staying active and being athletic is a common thread between both'."
  • 60 Jackson Maples for the Pinecrest Patriots during a 20-28 loss to Reagan High on September 7, 2012
"Both Dillon Maples (left) and Jackson Maples have been outstanding place kickers for the Patriots. Jackson booted a 60-yard field goal last Friday to break his brother's school record of 51 yards. Jackson's boot was the second longest in N.C.'s high school history. “Dad (Tim Maples) was saying, ‘We need to at least get to the 40 (Reagan 40),’” Dillon went on. “I said, ‘That would be 57 yards and everything has to be perfect. We need to get into the 30s or 35 or something.’ He goes out there for 60 and I thought, we’ll see what happens.”
Earlier in the week, Jackson, a junior, Dillon and younger brother Carson, a freshman, did some kicking at West Pine Middle School. The previous summer, Dillon had earned the punting and kick-off specialist job for the UNC Tar Heels during preseason practice before deciding to sign a $2.5 million contract to pitch for the Cubs. “Dillon wanted to get back in the swing of kicking and see how it was,” Jackson said. “We were all holding for each other — just having a good time. Of course there was competition. There’s always competition. I’d say my kicks were farther, but his punting just kills my punting.”

In his second season as the Patriot place kicker, Jackson has been providing coach Chris Metzger’s squad with the same kind of special teams’ advantage it enjoyed when Dillon was there. In addition to his range on field goals, he has put most of his kickoffs in the end zone. He credits his brother with inspiring him. “Dillon was No. 6 in high school and I wanted to be No. 6,” he says. “I always wanted to follow in his footsteps — keep the Maples name up. He had crazy shoes to fill and I definitely look up to him a lot.”

Metzger has shown the same confidence in Jackson as he did in Dillon to go for long field goals. Even if the kick is missed, if the ball reaches the end zone, it comes out to the 20 under high school rules. When the Patriot coach gave him the call to attempt one from 60 yards away, a hip flexor he injured earlier in the season was acting up again. “When he called me out there, I was glad he had confidence in me,” Jackson said. “I thought I could make it because I have that distance. In the preseason kicking with friends, I kicked one from 75 and like three from 70. I was thinking I could probably make 65 in a game. Seventy would be pushing it unless I had some wind. So going into it I felt a little comfortable, I mean I had faith in myself.”

The crowd buzzed as the field goal team took the field with 22 seconds remaining in the half. Caleb Hendrix snapped the ball and holder Aaron Reimer placed it down on the midfield stripe. 'It came out low and at first I didn’t think it had a chance, Dillon recalled. 'And then it kept carrying and went through. I was dumbfounded. I don’t think you can put it in words. You can’t. I probably felt the same way Jackson did on my kick. I remember Ben Williams (holder) saying, ‘Let’s keep it low,' and I said, ‘Let’s do this.’ The snap and the hold were perfect then, too."
  • 58 Tyler Ashe, Shelby vs. Burns, September 22, 1995 
  • 58 Shon Rowser, East Dup lin vs. Southwest Onslow, November 7, 1997 
  • 58 Matt Wogan, Porter Ridge vs. North Davidson, November 23, 2012 (Porter Ridge 34-27) 
  • 57 Chris Leone, Greensboro Grimsley, vs. R.J. Reynolds, Oct. 7, 1991 
  • 57 Kevin Dodson, Camden vs. Gates County, Sept. 29, 1995 
  • 57 Chris Halubka, West Lincoln vs. Cherryville, Sept. 14, 2001 (West 14-3) 
  • 57 Tyler Lewis, Albemarle vs. Hendersonville, 2003 (Albemarle 17- 2) 
  • 57 Keith Cooper, St. Stephens vs. Hickory, October 23, 2009 (Hickory 21-17) 
  • 57 Paul Griggs, Charlotte Latin School, August 27, 2011

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