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Thursday, October 30, 2014

High School Long Kicks - Washington

Our series exploring the longest field goals at the high school level in each state continues with Washington.
  • 67 Austin Rehkow in Central Valley's 62-55 overtime win over Shadle Park on October 18, 2012.
"Most of the crowd of just less than 1,000 – with a sparse turnout by CV followers – was still around when, as time expired [in regulation], Austin Rehkow drilled a 67-yard field goal [to tie the game] – believed to have tied the second-longest field goal in national high school history. The field goal broke the Washington state record. The kick exceeded his previous best by 11 yards. 

Rehkow asked CV coach Rick Giampietri to let him try the tying field goal. 'This was our only shot and he took it,' Giampietri said. 'He said ‘You put me out there and I’ll do it.’ It was crazy.'

'I felt confident in my leg strength,' Rehkow said. 'I went out there and you get that extra adrenaline going. I let it rip. Luckily it stayed through the uprights and once I saw the arms go up [from the referees] it was just an overwhelming feeling of joy'. Rehkow said that he had attempted a few kicks from 67 yards during an overly windy practice Tuesday. 'To be truthful, we kicked some 67-yarders two days ago with the wind behind me and I didn’t make any of those,' Rehkow said. 'So to be able to do that in a game is just a great feeling.'
Rehkow received a partial offer from Eastern Washington University this week. The attention from his feat will undoubtedly bring him more attention. 'I’m going to keep my options open,' Rehkow said. 'Hopefully, some offers arrive. I’m grateful for the one that Eastern’s proposed and hopefully we get some more coming in here. I couldn’t have done it without a great team putting me in the position. The line gave me enough time. Great snap, great hold. It’s a real humbling experience to hold the (GSL) record now'."
"I kicked it and I was a little bit worried it was going to be a little bit left. It started to straighten out for me, and from 67-yards out it's kind of hard to tell if it goes over the bar or is just short of it. I really just had to wait for the refs to put their arms up for me. To get it with no wind, and especially to [get a chance to] win the game, it's a special feeling."
"According to lore, Imhoff's kick was a dropkick — he dropped the ball on the ground and kicked it in one motion. If that explanation isn't clear, ask your grandfather to explain it."
"The placekicker set a state-record when he kicked a 59-yard field goal to win a game during the hey day of Eagles' football. Walford went on to kick at Oregon State University."
"It was a long wait for Randy Jones and the Ferris Saxons.  At least for Jones it was worth it. Jones kicked a Ggreater Spokane League-record 59-yard field goal to high-light the Saxons' 22-0 win over Rogers at Albi Stadium on Thursday night. The record and Ferris' near-flawless performance were long-expected. But while it was too late for the Saxons, Jones solidified his reputation as the best kicker in GSL history. 'I had a pretty good feeling all summer,' said Jones, who had three field goals over 50 yards last season, including a 57-yarder that tied the league mark, 'I'm glad it kicked in'."
  • 57 Kendall Van Horne, Cheney, 1988
  • 57 Randy Jones, Ferris, 1993

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