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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Name That Foot, episode 6

To which three individuals do the feet pictured below belong? 
The first person to correctly name all three in the comments section below earns an honorary degree in kickology, with a minor in trivial photography. Answers will be added to the post next week.

Hint: received scholarship offers in both soccer and football.

B. Hint: has played on both sides of the pond.
Hint: has played in both the AFC and the NFC.

Bonus hint: sometimes it can be hard to keep up with these three guys.

Congratulations to official winner Bryce Thompson, presumably the same one who is a kicker & punter for Towson University (although we don't know that for a certainty).

The correct answers are:
A. Baylor Bears kicker Aaron Jones
B. Schalke and US National Team midfielder Jermaine Jones
C. Houston Texans punter Donnie Jones


Anonymous said...

alex henery should be wearing adidas coming from nebraska

michael bradley CTRs

brian moorman go some assistant from someone who has seen him punt in person, with his hand action

Pat toole

Mike Herman said...

Pat: sorry, but those are incorrect.

Morgan Lineberry said...

A. Adam Vinatieri
B. Thierry Henry
C. Steve Weatherford

Mike Herman said...

Morgan: sorry, but those are incorrect.

Bryce Thompson said...

1. Aaron Jones

2. Jermaine Jones

3. Donnie Jones

Mike Herman said...

Bryce: congrats on keeping up with the Joneses.

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