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Monday, October 29, 2012

NFL Week Eight: Various Kicks - Tynes, Crosby & Janikowski

The majority of the Giants points in their  29-24 win over the Cowboys came off the foot of Lawrence Tynes. He made two extra points and five field goals (41, 37, 26, 43 & 37 yards). The latter two were the only scoring by either team in the fourth quarter.
"Those points were obviously big. If it’s field goals, it’s field goals, we really don’t care how we win."
During the third quarter of the Packers 24-15 win over the Jaguars, kicker Mason Crosby missed a 32 yard field goal attempt which hit the upright.
"When I raised my head up after the strike, the strike felt all right. It looked like it was on a good path, and it just moved to the right and moved pretty hard drastically.... We’ll obviously have to look at it. But it’s one of those that it just seems like some of those are happening right now and just have to work through it and get the ones, like the one at the end, and just bounce back."
His holder, punter Tim Masthay, said of his co-specialist:
"I think he’s fine. One thing he’s always impressed me with since I’ve been here is his resiliency. Typically, he never misses two in a row, bounces back pretty quick. Today, if you saw some of the kickoffs, saw some of the punts, the wind was pretty fickle. So it was a tough day to kick and punt. You’d have to ask Mason as far as the miss goes. But I think he’s fine."
During the Raiders 26-16 win over the Chiefs, kicker Sebastian Janikowski added to his career success at Arrowhead Stadium. He was good on all four of his field goals attempts (36, 35, 29 & 32 yards). Last week he had discussed kicking in that venue.
"I just feel comfortable there.... Maybe it’s the song and singing the chop [similar to the 'Tomahawk Chop' from his college days at Florida State]. All I know is I really like to kick there."

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