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Monday, October 22, 2012

NFL Week Seven: Placekicking & Kicking Off - Mason Crosby & Dan Bailey

Packers kicker Mason Crosby made field goals of 47, 23 & 48 yards in  Green Bay's 30-20 win over St. Louis. His lone miss came from 58 yards at the end of the first half.
"Just timing was off on that long one. I've been hitting the ball well. Sometimes, that's just the way it goes. We'll work through it. Some of these long ones just aren't falling. With a 58-yarder, you have to hit it pretty much just right. I might have gotten a little quick and it just came off a little bit low and to the right. It just kind of jumped right. When I hit it, I knew I didn't match it great. I think I got a little ahead of it. With the timing, everything has to be right. Unfortunately, it wasn't right.... That 58-yarder just before half would have been nice, but we finished well and that's one of the most important things to do."
Crosby also had a notable kickoff - a surprise onside kick in the first quarter. The Packers recovered it as Crosby commented afterward:
"[CB Trumaine Johnson]'s the guy they're locked on to try to block off the ball. He made a good play, but it was good that we fought and were able to get it.... We did a great job finishing that play because that ball kept bouncing around. It was anybody's ball. [LB Jamari Lattimore] did a good job getting on it."
Head coach Mike McCarthy discussed his willingness to use the play:
"We have it up every week. It’s a skill that Mason Crosby, I think, is exceptional at. Frankly, watching him kick it Friday in practice, he hit two that were as high as I’ve seen him kick it. I even said to Shawn [Slocum], if the opportunity comes, I feel good about the way Mason’s striking it. At that point in the game, I was trying to get the momentum to switch."
Cowboys kicker Dan Bailey made field goals of 19, 49, 28 & 38 yards in Dallas' 19-14 win over Carolina. This came after a week of media scrutiny following his missed 51-yard potential game winner last week.
"Last week was tough. It’s just a tough situation. It’s kind of hard to swallow sometimes. But it was good to go out there this week, and when the opportunities came up, I was able to put them through....
Anytime you get those longer attempts, it’s good to knock them through when you get the opportunity. You just want to make them. It was good to get that, get some points on the board. That’s what we needed the most, is get some points on the board."
Bailey also ran the gamut on kickoffs, from a mis-hit short one to start the game to two touchbacks towards the end of the game.
"That [first one] was just bad. That was just a mental error on my part. I was just trying to do too much, trying to pretty much kill the ball. I took my eyes off of it...
I had a quite a bit of adrenaline going for those last two kicks. We needed those kicks. I kind of got pretty pumped up about it. I’m glad it went out the back of the end zone, because they probably would have brought it out, even if it was nine [yards] deep."

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