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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Your 2012 UFL Specialists

The fourth United Football League season is underway. The eight week regular season began last week. The Championship game is on December 1st.

Below is run  down of the specialists for each of the four teams. We checked in with several of them for an update on life in the UFL.

Virginia Destroyers
  • Kicker: Kenny Spencer - "The UFL is a great opportunity to take your game to another level. The guys playing in this league are no joke. There big, fast, and know the game of football very well. I am having a blast, it being my first year in the league, I'm really impressed and hope to see the league develop into something big. I have been treated very well by the coaches and all Virginia Destroyers staff. All games are being televised on CBS Sports Network. So, all the exposure we need as players is just a snap away."
Omaha Nighthawks
Las Vegas Locos
  • Kicker: Clint Stitser - "I love playing in this league. It has great players and Coaches providing for solid competition and exciting game environments. I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity and am hopeful the league flourishes and offers the same opportunity to many players in the future."
  • Punter: Danny Baugher - "I have been fortunate to be a part of Las Vegas where everything is ran 1st class. The quality of football is on par with the NFL. Overall, it is a great opportunity for players who have been in the NFL and players who have never been given an opportunity to continue to compete at a high level. Specialists are able to stay game ready and gain experience playing at a professional level."
  • Long snapper: Jake Ingram and Rigo Morales
Sacramento Mountain Lions
  • Kicker: Fabrizio Scaccia
  • Punter: Spencer Lanning
  • Long snapper: Kyle Stelter - "It's been a great experience so far. Almost everyone here has been in the NFL and I have been able to learn a lot from them about being a professional. It is definitely different than playing semi-pro football."

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