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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Most College Career Kicking Points

FBS: 466 by Dustin Hopkins, Florida State (2009-12)
"I remember my freshman year when I was having trouble with extra points. Like I missed four in my first four games, and some people were like, 'Switch him out. Get another guy in there.' And then missing game-winners and different things, I see adversity that I've been through and then to see on the other side the success is truly a blessing....

A lot of people see it as an individual award, but the way I see it is it speaks to a lot of people. Coach Fisher having faith in me and I guess recruiting well. And people buying into the field goal team and really caring and not taking plays off. ... And also the offense just putting me in positions to score. And I'm lucky Graham [Gano] didn't kick for four years, right? But a lot of things have to work together for something like this to happen. And I'm just humbled and very blessed." - 11/17/12
FCS: 407 by Dan Carpenter, Montana (2004-07)
"I might start thinking more of it once it gets closer. But I’m perfectly happy with touchdowns and just kicking extra points all season. Anything I can do to help our team win.... I honestly don’t pay attention. Personal stats don’t matter. I’m here to help 2007 Griz football reach our goals." - 9/29/07
D-II: 420 by Jeff Glas, North Dakota (2002-05)
"I honestly didn't know that I had beat the D-II scoring record until I saw it in the paper or a news release a few days later. I really don't even know which game I broke the record in! I was so focused on the "next kick" my senior year that I wasn't really focused on any sort of record. I think most successful kickers don't think about anything but the next kick... Looking back in retrospect the record is something I'm very proud of. I played on some very good teams so that was a huge part in me reaching that record. It is always fun to let people know that I'm the leading scorer in D-II for kickers if it comes up in conversation, but I'm not exactly out advertising that! It's more my own personal satisfaction than anything." - 11/19/12
D-III: 470 by Jeff Schebler, Wisconsin-Whitewater (2006-09)
"In the game, my second extra point put me on top of Division III scoring for kickers. This is quite an honor to have. Kicking all of the extra points for four years and being able to kick field goals was what enabled me to become #1. A lot of what I have done through the years goes out to my teammates because without them, this accomplishment would never have even had a chance to happen. The offense has been able to put the ball in the end zone, and my snapper and holder have always done a great job since I have been here." - 10/20/09
CIS: 422 by Lirim Hajrullahu, Western (2009-13)
“I just tried to look at each one as just another kick. That’s the way do it no matter how far in the playoffs or what it is.... This last week everyone has been talking about it. The weight is off our shoulders and we got a great victory.”

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