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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Name That Foot, episode 7

To which three individuals do the feet pictured below belong? 
The first person to correctly name all three in the comments section below earns an honorary degree in kickology, with a minor in trivial photography. Answers will be added to the post next week.

Hint: played his entire lengthy pro career with one team.

Hint: As Queen fans know, Freddie Mercury did not sing all the lead vocals. Guitarist Brian May periodically did so, typically on songs that he wrote.
Hint: has played for five teams during his professional career.

Bonus hint: 
There are some who would anticipate that all three of the above are musical humanitarians.

There was no official winner this week. Honorable mention goes to Brandon Hellevang, former kicker at University of North Dakota, who identified the first and third photos.

The correct answers are:
A. Kicker Jim Bakken, born November 2, 1940. He played his entire NFL career (1962-1978) with the St. Louis Cardinals.
B. Second striker Stevan Jovetić, born November 2, 1989. As oft noted by the European press, the  Serie A club Fiorentina player bears a striking resemblance to Brian May.
C. Punter Ben Graham, born November 2, 1973. He has played for Geelong in the AFL, and for the NY Jets, New Orleans, Arizona and Detroit in the NFL.


Morgan Lineberry said...

A) Tommy Davis
B) Clint Hill
C) Dirk Johnson

Mike Herman said...

Morgan: sorry, but those are incorrect.

Anonymous said...

A)Lou Groza

Mike Herman said...

Not Groza.

Anonymous said...

A) Mick Luckhurst
C) Dustin Colquitt

Mike Herman said...

Not Luckhurst nor Colquitt.

Brandon Hellevang said...

A) Jim Bakken
C) Ben Graham

Mike Herman said...

Brandon is two-thirds of the way there.

James Clark said...

B) Alfred Schreuders

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