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Monday, November 26, 2012

NFL Week 12: Adam Podlesh, Connor Barth & Rob Bironas

The Bears got the look from the Vikings following a second quarter touchdown. Chicago punter Adam Podlesh, who also serves as the holder, took off with the sanp on the extra point attempt and ran it in for a two-point conversion. The Bears won 28-10.
"I just wanted to get it. I went back to my glory days playing running back in high school....

The Vikings had a look that let us run this play. They showed it a couple of times (earlier in the game), so we figured that we’d make it an automatic afterward. We wanted to do it on an extra point. We originally saw the Baltimore Ravens do it. I think they did it last year. They had that in their repertoire. We saw that it worked well with certain looks....

I wasn’t really nervous because everything happened so quickly. We said if they show the front, we’re going to run it. We went out there, saw the front and I said, ‘Hey, Robbie [Gould]. We’re running it.’ He said, ‘OK, OK.’ We just snapped the ball and ran with it. I didn’t really have a whole lot of time to think."
With three and half minutes remaining in the game, trailing by a point, and facing a 4th-and-6, the Bucs opted to try a 56 yard field goal by Connor Barth - who had already made three field goals in the game and who earlier in the year had hit a 57 yarder. This time he came up short. Atlanta won 24-23 over Tampa.
"It's in my range. I didn't hit it good. That's all I can say. They've got faith in me, I just didn't make it. It's pretty simple."
Head coach Greg Schiano noted:
"The reason we (tried the field goal) was my confidence in Connor that he was going to make it. I still have confidence in him. If I had to do it another time, I believe he's going to make it. That's the kind of kicker I think we have. It's not like every day he has to hit a 56-yarder and we call it a day. That's a tall order, but we have one of the best kickers in the National Football League."
Although Titans kicker Rob Bironas accounted for most of Tennessee's scoring (four field goals and a PAT) in their 24-19 loss to Jacksonville, his post-game comments were focused on the one he missed from 42 yards:
"Four of five wasn’t bad, but five of five would’ve been better. “That one was on me. I should be perfect out there and I didn’t hit it well.... I’d always rather kick extra points. ... I was hoping we’d put more in the end zone, but I need to make them when I’m out there, and anything inside of 50 or 53 I should make."

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