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Monday, November 26, 2012

NFL Week 12: AFC North - Justin Tucker, Phil Dawson & Mike Nugent

When San Diego extended their lead to 13-3 midway through the fourth quarter, it appeared the game was effectively over. 

But following a quick touchdown, a 4th-and-29 conversion, a 38 yard Justin Tucker field goal as time expired to tie the the game, and finally a 38 yard Justin Tucker field goal in overtime... it ended as a 16-13 win by Baltimore.
"It’s pretty sweet. Being able to come through like this for everybody in this locker room, everybody in the city of Baltimore, and all the fans that came out here, there were a bunch of them, it’s pretty special....

When it comes down to it, this is a job and you just got to do it. Morgan [Cox] threw back two great snaps, Sam [Koch] gave me two great holds and that makes my job pretty dang easy.... We work on stuff like that at practice pretty regularly. [Kicking Coach] Randy [Brown] and [Special Teams Coordinator] Jerry [Rosburg], Morgan, Sam and myself, so we’re prepared for pretty much any situation that can come up during the course of a game."
A pair of field goals were the margin of victory in Cleveland's 20-14 win over Pittsburgh. Kicker Phil Dawson kept his comments short and simple (although he was of course limited to 140 characters by the social medium utilized)
"Hey Cleveland!!! Browns win, Steelers lost. Enjoy"
When Bengals kicker Mike Nugent missed a 48 yard field goal attempt near the end of the first half of Cincinnati's 34-10 win over Oakland, a quick turnover gave him another shot. As time expired in the half, he hit a 55 yarder.
"Hit it or miss it, it can’t have an effect on the next one....

There’s a certain point on the field where you have to put more into it and I think my number is a little bit higher than 55. I was just sitting there thinking, just hit a good, solid ball. Just keep everything the same. Obviously, not the same as the one before. That wasn’t a very solid hit."

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