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Friday, November 23, 2012

NFL Week 12: Shayne Graham thankful & Jason Hanson not-as-much

After four quarters, Houston and Detroit were tied in the first of the Thanksgiving Day games. In overtime, it would take three field goal attempts until the game was finally decided.

Texans kicker Shayne Graham got the first opportunity, but was wide left on the 51 yard attempt.
"I actually had my hands up. I thought I crushed the ball. I thought I stayed true. The thing just had a little bit of a draw to it, which isn’t very typical, especially with no wind....

I hit [my 50+ yard attempts this year] fairly well. They didn’t stay between the poles when they needed to. All the hits I had between those two hits, they were what they were. Made the one to end the game today, made them in overtime last week. I don’t feel like there’s anything I need to stress my mind over. Just hit the ball clean every time."
Lions kicker Jason Hanson was next. His 47 yard attempt hist the upright and was no good.
"It just went right, obviously. I don't know what to say. Just started right and went right at the upright. It doesn't matter if it hits the upright or goes wide, it's no good....
If [a low snap as suggested by the head coach] happens and it's horrible, that's what happens. But I didn't notice any of that. It's a moot point when it's a straight hold and Nick gets it down. Then it's up to me to get it in."
In comments afterward, various Lions were taking up the blame for loss, including Hanson:
"Well, of course, when you’re kicking a field goal to win it, it doesn’t matter what happened before that: all the controversy or the ups and downs in plays. It doesn’t matter then. So it’s the same. It’s the game-winner, no matter how you got there. It’s the same. So, we don’t miss those....
So, being classy, what was [head coach Jim Schwartz] going to say, ‘Hanson sucks?’. But when it gets down to the end and it’s a field goal to win — like I said, it doesn’t matter how you got there, it’s a field goal to win and that’s the situation and that’s how you win and that’s how you lose."
Watching Hanson's kick hit the upright, Graham knew what he wanted:
"I can’t wait for another chance. That’s the first thing I said. I want another chance."
With 2:25 remaining, Graham got his wish. His 32 yard field goal was good and the Texans won 34-31.
"I was happier than anything just to get the chance. I’m a lot happier we had the chance and we made it."

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