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Monday, December 3, 2012

NFL Week 13: Lambeau Adventures - Blair Walsh & Mason Crosby

Entering yesterday's game against Minnesota in the midst of a much-publicized slump, Green Bay kicker Mason Crosby's kicks were again not straight down the middle in the first half. Although he made a 30 yard field goal in the first quarter, it was as close as it gets - clipping the upright on the way through. 
"I smiled after that one because I’ve had a couple go the other way so that was good to have one bounce my way on that one."
Then at the end of the half he was wide right on a 53 yard attempt.
"I felt on the field and in my set-up that the wind was coming from right to left, and I just played it out a little too much, and it didn’t come back."
It appeared the struggles would continue in the second half  when Crosby sent the opening kickoff out of bounds. But things got better. He made a 47 yarder in the third quarter to pull the Packers within one point of the Vikings, and after having pulled ahead he then hit a 31 yard clincher with four minutes remaining in the fourth quarter.
"This team, we find ways to win. Even though my kicks might not all go through and other things might happen on the field, we’re finding ways to win. That’s what I did today. I found a way to bounce back from the miss at the end of the half and make some kicks I needed to in the second half."
Trailing 23-14, the Vikings had a chance to pull within one score at the two-minute warning, but Blair Walsh was wide right on a 42 yard attempt.
"I just cut across the ball and it didn't go the way I wanted to. I can't say I loved my first Lambeau experience. When I cut across it like that, it'll go from left to right. And it did."
As is the way with kickers, both will move on to the next kick. as Crosby noted afterward:

"I feel good with my process, I’ve felt good with how I’m approaching my game. Keep making the ones I need to make here inside of 50 yards and then just try to squeeze out a couple long ones if those situations come up again. For me it’s kick by kick."

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