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Monday, December 10, 2012

NFL Week 14: NFC North - Robbie Gould, Adam Podlesh & Jason Hanson

The dual-role of Chicago's Adam Podlesh, who typically handles punting and holding, expanded to a triple-role after kicker Robbie Gould suffered a calf injured during warmups. While Gould still kicked extra points in the Bear's 21-14 loss to the Vikings, Podlesh took over kickoff responsibilities.
"It’s essentially impossible for me to do the job that Robbie did. ‘He’s a very, very good kickoff specialist.... In comparison to the rest of the guys kicking off in this league, I’m an amateur at best. I did all I could do."
In the other NFC North match-up, the Lions traveled to Green Bay and lost 27-20 to the Packers. They've now lost 22 games in row at that venue dating back to 1992. Kicker Jason Hanson , who made field goals of 46 & 34 yards while missing from 51 yards, has been there for all of them.
"I hate it. I don’t know what to say. I feel like I have to answer for it. Maybe I’m the one common denominator....

I’ve said this before, there were years there where we just weren’t good enough, it’s hard to come in here and win. But there were years when we were, in the ‘90s and last year, and this year, really. We’re just not getting it done. So it’s an ugly streak. Even though most of the guys here aren’t part of (all of) it, it’s a bad one. We’ve got to get rid of it."
On the other sideline, Packers' kicker Mason Crosby had similar field goal results in the game amidst the flurries, connecting from 49 & 41 yards while missing from 51 yards.

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