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Monday, December 17, 2012

NFL Week 15: One More Time - Dan Bailey, Phil Dawson & Mason Crosby

Once again, Dallas kicker Dan Bailey hit a game winning field goal. This week a 21 yarder in overtime gave Dallas a 27-24 win over Pittsburgh.
"You always enjoy those moments. Every game it’s very rare that you get a lot of opportunities. The more chances you can have to get out there and help the team out the better. And it’s always fun to put the final points on the board."
Earlier, facing a fourth down with the game still tied and 32 seconds left in the fourth quarter, the Dallas coaches changed their mind and opted not to attempt a 61 yard field goal.
"I don’t want to speak for anybody else but as far as I was concerned, I was going to kick it. I was ready to go out there. I was confident. Obviously, we re-evaluated it and chose a different path. I thought I was going to kick it. Either way, it worked out."
Once again, Cleveland kicker Phil Dawson played in a potential final home game as a Brown. The prior two years of course were not the end of his Browns career as he eventually received the franchise tag both times. Yesterday, he had no field goal attempts and made three extra points in the 38-21 loss to Washington.
"The fans have been unbelievable. Just overwhelmingly supportive. I wanted to take a few moments to let them know that I love them. I care about Cleveland and I want Cleveland to know how I feel, so it takes you down the road to say your proper goodbyes. We don't know what's going to happen....

They're all a little different. Walking off with the majority of fans in the stands from the other team is a tough way to leave the field, and I know everyone in this locker room feels bad about how we played today. We have two more chances to go do our jobs, and hopefully we end the season up on the right note."
Once again, Green Bay kicker Mason Crosby missed kicks. He was wide right on a 43 yard field goal attempt in the second quarter and hit the upright on a 42 yarder in the fourth quarter. Regardless, the Packers won the game 21-13 over the Bears.
"Obviously I want to make them but this team keeps fighting, so the fact that we won is all that matters today. For me I have to go and evaluate – but I want to go and enjoy this with my team. To make sure that I know that we won the division and I have done some great things and this year is not over. Not even close to over....

I erase every kick after it’s done. I have to be excited that we won this. I have to be excited that we won the North division. We’re going to the playoffs and everything that we want to do is in front of us. I can’t sit and sulk and think about missed kicks because I’ve got to make kicks. We’re going to get to the playoffs and there’s going to be some big ones down the line here."

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