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Monday, December 17, 2012

NFL Week 15: Quintessential - Blair Walsh, Sebastian Janikowski & Shayne Graham

Three kickers each made five field goals yesterday, helping to lead their respective teams to victory.

Vikings kicker Blair Walsh made fields goals of 50, 38, 42, 53 & 51 yards, giving Minnesota a 36-22 win over St. Louis. The multiple 50 yarders put Walsh in the record books in numerous categories (see our forthcoming weekly tidbits & milestones article for all the specifics).
"I'm sure it will (resonate) at the end of the season when I look back, but right now it's more important that we won and that we're still in the (playoff) mix. You get caught up in your accomplishments, you're bound to fail at some point.... 
Trust me, you can miss from 50-plus. Right now they're just going in. I worked hard, and I'm comfortable 50-plus. These guys are making it real easy for me to do it."
Co-specialist long snapper Cullen Loeffler said of Walsh after the game:
"We never go out there thinking anything other than to make it. He focuses on every kick, whether it's just a warm-up or one of the 30 practice kicks he's hitting. He goes in with the same mind-set that we're going to do everything we can to make each kick and then keep going. I think that's why he's been so successful."  
Texans kicker Shayne Graham made fields goals of 29, 35, 27, 46 & 33 yards. His one miss was wide left from 50 yards at the end of the first half. Houston won 29-17 over Indianapolis.

Raiders kicker Sebastian Janikowski made fields goals of 20, 50, 57, 30 & 41 yards. His one miss was wide left from 51 yards near the end of the first half. Oakland won 15-0 over Kansas City.

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