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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Pro Bowl Kickers & Punters 2012 - Phil Dawson, Dustin Colquitt, Blair Walsh & Thomas Morstead

This year's NFL Pro Bowl kickers and punters...

Phil Dawson, Cleveland
"I deliberately tried not to know. We wanted to watch the show with my kids. I had a fairly good idea what was going on, but it was a pretty priceless moment when we saw the name flash up on the screen. My kids went nuts. My wife went nuts. That makes these 15 years of waiting worth it....

I was sitting there watching the show, I couldn’t help but remember my — I guess you would call it a draft party — in 1998. I was literally waiting to be drafted and had everyone around. I was throwing a party and the phone never rang. It seems like that dark cloud has hung over my head as an undrafted guy ever since. In a lot of ways I’m grateful for it because it’s driven me to keep my head down and keep plugging away and try to get better every year. To have my name finally called, 15 years later, is kind of hard to wrap my mind around."
Dustin Colquitt, Kansas City
"It’s cool setting the Kansas City Chiefs record and tying an NFL record. It’ll mean a lot to me, obviously, once you go back and look at film and all that stuff. My dad always told me, ‘If there’s anything you do in football, be the defensive coordinator’s best friend,’ so that’s kind of how I’ve looked at it."
Blair Walsh, Minnesota
"I got the news this afternoon from [special teams] Coach Priefer, which was appropriate because he put a lot on the line when the Vikings drafted me and I owe him so much for the season that we've had. It's been an unbelievable year, and I hope that it's not done for a long while yet."
Thomas Morstead, New Orleans
"This our fourth year together, and I credit a lot of my growth to [special teams coordinator Greg McMahon's] coaching and his being hard on me and pushing me and trying to get me to do things that maybe I didn’t think I’d be able to do that we do now.

It’s pretty cool … it’s something neat to share. My fiancĂ©e is here, and I get to share it with all my family. Hopefully, I’ll get to take my parents to Hawaii."

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