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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Degree of Difficulty

What's harder?

Placekicking or punting?
"Punting for sure. You can be a real, real effective kicker if you have great technique. Leg strength doesn’t help and make up for some flaws. I’ve seen a lot of guys with not-superior legs that have been excellent kickers. As a punter, I think you have to be very athletic. You’re really trying to hit a moving target. When you drop that ball in the middle of the air when you’re in the second half of your last stride, not only are you moving as you go to plant, but the ball is moving – which is being affected by not only gravity, but maybe the wind, the height you drop it, and what kind of influences you put on the ball when you drop it. Then you’ve got to meet at this three dimensional point - your foot to the ball. Whereas in field goal kicking that ball theoretically, if the holder is doing his job, should be sitting in the same spot, looking the same way every time. I do think punting is more difficult. I think it takes a little more athleticism. Not to say that kickers aren’t good athletes, because they are, but if they swing the same every time they should hit good balls. As a punter, there’s a lot more that goes into the equation." - Travis Dorsch

Punting or triathalon?
"[laughs] it depends how you want to define “hard”, my friend! I think you need to be more focused, in the moment, as a punter. You get out there and your job is going to take you anywhere from 2.0 to 2.2 seconds to perform. From that snap, until you catch it, until you punt it you’ve got to be on – everything has to be perfect. When I go on an Ironman there’s a little more freedom to float, if you will, eventually. But you have to be ready to be in pain for ten or eleven hours. It’s a different kind of hard, but there both difficult." - Travis Dorsch

Lacrosse, soccer, or football?
There’s no sport that puts in more practice time than football. I think if you compare the amount of hours you put into football to any other sport it’s just so much more. I think that’s why it’s a great result too. Then obviously there is a different flow to lacrosse and soccer games. Football is so complicated; it is a difficult sport for a lot of people to pick up." - Steven Hauschka

Football or neuroscience?
"Good question. I guess kicking a football comes easier to me than a lot of things. It’s one of those things that you’ve got to keep simple. You can make it as complicated as you want. In neuroscience you’re constantly analyzing things at the smallest levels of detail. When it comes to kicking you can’t really analyze things at that same level of detail or else you’ll go crazy. At some point you’ve got to be an athlete. I guess I have to go with neuroscience is harder."  - Steven Hauschka

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