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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Divisive Saturday of Kicking is Here

NFL Divisional playoffs...

Two games...

Five kickers...

Baltimore Ravens at Denver Broncos
Ravens kicker Justin Tucker
“There’s a number of things we think about each week depending on where we’re playing. When we’re at home we have the artificial turf. That’s a constant surface. When we go on the road somewhere with a grass field, like Denver, that’s one of the things we’ll think about. We’ll practice outside as much as we can....

[regarding altitude] Yeah, the main priority is hitting the ball straight. However far it carries is however far it carries. That goes back to hitting a straight ball, first and foremost.... [when paying against the University of Colorado in college] We didn't have the same conditions we'll have this week, which is 15 to 20 degrees and some precipitation. We've got our resident meteorologist, [kicking coach] Randy Brown, on the case. We'll be preparing and focusing on hitting a straight ball."
Broncos kicker Matt Prater
[from this past summer after signing a new contract] "It feels amazing. It's something I've worked for since I was a little kid. As far as the process, it's kind of tough, especially when the practices started because I wanted to be there. But in the end I knew it was going to get done. I'm excited to be back.... I'm pretty confident in what I can do. I'm excited to get back to work and being around everybody....

Maybe I'll just have to kick extra points this year."
Green Bay Packers at San Francisco 49ers
Packers kicker Mason Crosby
"I feel like fundamentally, some of the games I was 2 for 3, I'd hit two good balls and then one that just wasn't what I wanted," Crosby said Thursday. "There's a lot of positives with that, that I'm hitting the ball pretty well. Just unfortunately, there were a couple that jumped out in games that I obviously want to make and need to make. For me, it's really just fine-tuning that, and I feel like I've done that the last few weeks here. I've been consistent and that's my job - be consistent....

“For me, it’s about finishing everything. I finished the regular season strong, and now it’s finishing these playoffs and every opportunity I have. I’m thankful to be here. Consistency is the name of the game, and these last few weeks I’ve felt good with that, and it’s the playoffs now. I have to be consistent, be solid and take advantage here.”
 49ers kicker David Akers, who got the starting nod over Billy Cundiff
"People talk about my demeanor being down. Listen, I take my job seriously. I feel when I miss kicks, I let the team, the organization, the fans down. I take it personal. I guess sometimes I care too much about it. It seemed like I could never get the consistency where we wanted it to kind of get the snowball in a good direction." - Akers last week

"We feel confident in David giving us the best chance to win. [Billy Cundiff] has done a nice job. David's done a better job and is more prepared to give us the best chance to win." - Head coach Jim Harbaugh this Thursday

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