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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Recruiting Process per the Recruitees, 2013.1

Moving from one level of kicking up to the next is a highly competitive, very challenging, and often complex process. With National Signing Day once again nearly here, we take our third annual look at the move from high school to college. To get a sense of the key aspects of the recruiting process from the vantage point of the players, we asked kickers and punters from the Class of 2013 and a few JC transfers the following two questions:
  1. What would you say was the most beneficial advice you received before going through the recruiting process?
  2. Is there one thing you learned during the recruiting process that you wish you had known beforehand?
While everyone's unique individual circumstances led to varied answers, some common themes also emerged.  We received numerous responses, so this topic will span several posts. Following is the first batch of answers:

Hunter Niswander, Northwestern
  1. Hard work pays off. Everyone has off days, but if you keep working you will have more and more good days. 
  2. Don't limit your options and get your kicks out to as many college coaches as possible, because at the end of the day you never really know what the best place is for you until you have a visit with them and see what the situation is really like.
Harrison Butker, Georgia Tech
  1. Go where you are wanted the most.
  2. As a kicker, you have to be patient. You're probably not going to be getting offers in the double digits just left and right like other top recruits in their position. Take everything you can get and don't close any doors.
Danny Stirt
  1. Go to college kicking camps over the summer. The coaches want to see you kick in person before they are going to commit to you. 
  2. A lot of times at college camps, coaches have guys picked out that they are going to look at. If you are not one of those guys, most likely they are not going to pay attention to you, unless you are kicking 80 yard kickoffs and 60 yard field goals. Pick places to go where you have had contact with the coaches and you know they are going to look at you.
Bryan Holmes
  1. You will find a home and go where you feel at home.
  2. Make connections with everyone, not just the places you think you want to go. It's impossible to have too many connections.
Miles Bergner, South Dakota
  1. There's always going to be a wait, and that patience is key. 
  2. You have to call the schools that you want to go to, not just send them film. You have to be proactive.
Grant Warren
  1. Always stay on top of things. The player usually has to initiate the communicating and you've got to just call them. The worst they can say is no. 
  2. If I could go back I would have started kicking off the ground the day my junior season ended because college coaches want you to kick off of the ground at their camps. And you must go to every camp you possibly can go to and kick off of the ground to compete.
Jake Thompson, Utah State
  1. Just getting yourself out there. I had phenomenal coaches. Coach Husted and coach Aguiar are a huge part of my success! And knowing that, don't be afraid to contact several coaches! And certain camps and the right camps to go to. To get your name on the radar!
  2. It's a long process. Patience. And to trust it mainly. The rough thing for me was I tore my ACL game three of my senior season.. So that set me back, but had two full ride scholarships at that time. USU and Weber State and was soon to find out that I was selected for the U.S army all American game and my senior year was 2-2 field goals (44,50) and was on pace to break career records but everything happens for a reason.
Ryan Santoso, Minnesota
  1. Don't pick a school by where your friends want and where it is close to your friends, because you never know who will leave your life. Also, go to a school where you feel comfortable enough that if sports weren't an option you would still go there.
  2. It's not all fun when getting recruited. It really hit me hard when i was trying to decide a school. It is a business to the schools and some places just treat you like property they want.
Stephen Brauchle, Louisiana Lafayette

  1. The most beneficial advice for me during the recruiting process was to be PATIENT. I knew I was a D1 kicker, I went to a JUCO for a year to prove myself on the field and it payed off for me.
  2. Coaches don't always come to you. You have to be your own agent and sell yourself to these coaches through emails and phone calls.

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