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Thursday, February 14, 2013

IFL 2013 - The Kickers

Another year of the  Indoor Football League kicks off this weekend with a pair of games. Several of the kickers from the league's nine teams gave us their thoughts on the upcoming season.

Cedar Rapids Titans - Radamez Rubio Gaytan (Mexico City)

Chicago Slaughter - Ryan Fillingim (Northern Illinois)
"I'm excited for the season to start. I am ready to see what the IFL season is like. I'm looking to take it one game at a time and focus on creating success, both myself and my teammates."
Colorado Ice - Aric Goodman (Colorado)
"I definitely learned a lot last season. Had a decent year that I can now build on. Kicking in the IFL requires some creativity (for example, Sioux Falls' arena has a walkway that extends a few feet over the field, lower hanging scoreboards, etc.) as well as the ability to bounce back from misses. In this league, you're going to miss kicks. With the narrow uprights, scoreboards/speakers, and missed field goals being placed on the opponents 5 yard line, coaches will try kicks that wouldn't be attempted in A1. Attempting 40 field goals in a season is more exciting than the low attempt rates of the AFL, but kicking out of your redzone regularly doesn't help your field goal percentage.

My focus for the year is to continue having fun playing the game I love, and to stay healthy. Focus on what I can control....keep my head down and follow through, and let the crowd tell me if its good."
Green Bay Blizzard - Jordan Wettstein (Minnesota)

Nebraska Danger -  Joe Houston (USC)
"A few observations from my experience... First and obviously there is a lot more scoring touchdowns since field is so short which means a lot more kicking, always fun. Secondly, and probably the most difficult for me, isn't the 9 feet wide uprights (I find narrow uprights fun). There is no net to warm up! Your standing in a packed hockey-like bench, no bike to warm up, no net. So you really have to hit the ball solid since the only time you kick in arena is warmup, halftime, and 4th down so that makes it interesting. I love the challenge of kicking at a smaller target vs NFL/college uprights."
Sioux Falls Storm - Parker Douglass (South Dakota State) 
"I took over 2.5 months off from kicking prior to camp and spent more time training in the weightroom and pool. The majority of the time, I practice kicking NFL footballs, so it takes a little bit of time getting used to the smaller, synthetic IFL balls. Otherwise, nothing that different [from previous years]."
Texas Revolution - Brett Peddicord (Georgia Southern)
"I'm elated to get this season 'kicked' off. I see the indoor game as the ultimate challenge for kickers due to the smaller uprights and also having to adjust kicks based upon the arena. It's an awesome opportunity to play and I'm honored to be a member of the 2013 championship team. Guys are already commenting about how our organization is better than they are used to. I know the ownership staff is making the players comfortable and doing a great job selling tickets. The coaches are motivating the players and installing some great plays. Top to bottom we are prepared for success.

Not to mention for me personally, it'll be special kicking in front of my friends and family again. I loved Georgia Southern and my time playing in Poland [with the Warsaw Eagles]. But there's something special about home."
Tri-Cities Fever - Brady Beeson (St. Thomas)
"I'm very happy to be back in Tri-Cities playing under coach Shackleford and for such a great organization. The talent we have in camp in unbelievable. It is nice to be back with a strong comfort level and familiarity with how the arena game works. It has allowed me to get acclimated quicker, and really dial in. I think 2013 is a special year in the making for the Fever, and I'm very excited and humbled to be a part of it."
Wyoming Cavalry - Josiah Powell (Saint Olaf College) 

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