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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

New on the Kicking Bookshelf: Teaching and Coaching Football Kicking Mechanics

"As a 28-year football coaching veteran, 23 years as a head football coach, I know how important it is for coaches to have drills with techniques that can develop winning players.  I have done these drills with my own players who had varying ability levels and have produced players who could perform and win for our team."
- Coach Bill Renner

Book Description:
Teaching and Coaching Football Kicking Mechanics gives coaches and kickers specific techniques and drills that equip you to coach and improve the kicking skill. Coach Renner has detailed the essential techniques using his unique coaching vocabulary and proven drill sequence. This enables you to effectively coach kickers or to train yourself. Coach Renner has used this program to develop high school, college and NFL players. Kicking is a skill that can be coached and trained and Coach Bill Renner provides the details and drill sequence to make you feel comfortable coaching kickers. He uses simple, concise words to describe the techniques with easy to understand and implement drills to train the techniques. Coach Renner removes any uncertainty about what techniques are essential to coach to improve a kicker’s height, distance and accuracy. 

Coach Bill Renner has been a noted expert in coaching and teaching kicking for over 28 years. His 23 years’ experience as a head football coach make it easy for him to identify what coaches and players need for coaching and training the kicking skill. He is articulate, detailed and precise in relaying his techniques and drills to you. Photographs depicting the techniques and drills you will use provide clarity to his descriptions. If you desire to understand the kicking mechanics, to improve your ability to coach kickers or to improve your kicking this book was written for you.

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