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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

New on the Kicking Bookshelf: Teaching and Coaching Football Punting Mechanics

"The book is short, 25-30 pages, concise, 5 core drills, specific, my coaching phrases, and visual, photographs demonstrate techniques to teach, and will enable you to fully understand and coach these football skills.... I have developed this coaching drill sequence with a specific technique vocabulary over a span of 30 years as a player and coach.  It has assisted numerous players at the high school, college and NFL levels to perform to reach their highest level."
- Author/Coach Bill Renner

Book Description: 
Teaching and Coaching Football Punting Mechanics gives coaches and punters specific techniques and drills that equip you to coach and improve the punting skill. Coach Renner has detailed the essential techniques using his unique coaching vocabulary and proven drill sequence. This enables you to effectively coach punters or to train yourself. Coach Renner has used this program to develop high school, college and NFL players. Punting is a skill that can be coached and trained and Coach Bill Renner provides the details and drill sequence to make you feel comfortable coaching punters.

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