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Saturday, February 23, 2013

NFL Scouting Combine 2013 - Day 3 for the Kickers & Punters

The third day of the NFL Scouting Combine saw the kickers and punters on the field, not surprisingly doing a little kicking and punting.

Anthony Cantele (Kansas State): About to workout!

Josh Hubner (Arizona State): It's game day. Biggest day of my life. Can't wait to begin the next chapter.
Ryan Allen (Louisiana Tech): Had a great time today working out at the combine!! What an amazing experience and opportunity!!

Alex Dunnachie (Hawaii): Nailed it. Went balls deep. Then went with some precision balls.

The observer from the Senior Bowl provided the following thoughts:
  • Based on their performances, @seniorbowl thinks these prospects could be drafted. Punters: 1. Jeff Locke/UCLA, 2. Ryan Allen/La Tech.
  • Kickoff Specialists/Placekickers 1. Caleb Sturgis/Florida, 2. Dustin Hopkins/FSU. Sturgis 12-for-12 on FG's. Hopkins 11-for-12.
  • Sturgis has an explosive leg and landed his kickoffs, on avg, 8 yards deep in the EZ. On avg, Hopkins drove his 6 yards deep.
The National Football Post's Russ Lande felt the top four specialist performances were:
  • 1. Caleb Sturgis (Florida): On a day where many of the place kickers and punters struggled with consistency, Sturgis stood out as the most impressive specialist today. He clearly showed the strongest leg throughout the workout. On kickoffs, Sturgis was crushing the ball driving three out of the end-zone. Not only did he smash the ball on kickoffs, but he displayed excellent leg strength and accuracy on field goals hitting all three 50+ yarders.
  • 2. Dustin Hopkins (Florida State): While not as impressive as Sturgis, Hopkins also had a strong day today. He also displayed good length and hang-time on his kickoffs with good placement. In addition to kicking off well, Hopkins leg strength and accuracy allowed him to hit all three 50+ yard kicks.
  • 3. Bobby Cowan (Idaho): As Sturgis stood out amongst the place kickers, Cowan was clearly the best punter today. Cowan showed off a strong leg driving the ball extremely well initially. In the directional punting drill, Cowan was outstanding to the right nearly putting the ball into the barrel and while he was solid to the left he was not as impressive to that side.
  • 4. Scott Kovanda (Ball State): Following close behind Cowan was Ball State’s Scott Kovanda, who also happens to be one of the few punters I have ever come across who was one of the Captains of his college team. He was strong punting to both sides in the directional punting drill.

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