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Sunday, February 24, 2013

NFL Scouting Combine 2013 - Day 4 for the Kickers & Punters

The fourth and final day at the NFL Scouting Combine for the specialists included a few drills for some, watching their team mates, packing and heading home.

Quinn Sharp (Oklahoma State): Had a good time this week in Indy, great experience

Ryan Allen (Louisiana Tech): NFL Combine... It's been REAL, It's been FUN.. But hasn't been REAL FUN!! Haha Jk what an amazing opportunity!!
Brad Wing (LSU):
  • So grateful to have gone through the experience of the NFL combine. Learned so many valuable things in 3 days. Truly blessed.
  • Arrived with no bags, leaving with 2 full ones.  
Anthony Cantele (Kansas State): Headed home after a long week. What a great experience! Good luck to my brothers and !
Scott Kovanda (Ball State)
  • I had an awesome (and stressful) few days in Indy but always feels good to head back home!
  • I think I should be good on shoes for a while.... Blessed to have the opportunity to attend the combine!
Jeff Locke (UCLA): The was a great experience! Good luck to the and guys out there the next few days
Alex Dunnachie (Hawaii)
Josh Hubner (Arizona State): Getting on a plane in a few hours to come back home. What an experience.

Brett Maher (Nebraska): Off to catch my flight home! Glad I had this experience! Thanks to everyone again for the support

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