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Sunday, February 3, 2013

SB XLVII MVP Sneak Preview

Who will be the MVP of this year's Super Bowl: Justin Tucker, Andy Lee, Morgan Cox, Brian Jennings, Sam Koch or David Akers? We asked kickers, punters, snappers, and coaches that very question.

"Akers! He's going to redeem himself on the big stage!"

Ben Graham, AFL centre half-forward & NFL punter
"Andy Lee"

"Tucker game winner!"


Chris Kearney, Fred Mitchell Award
"I'll take David Akers (two FG's of 40+ yards, two PAT's, one recovered on-side kick and the game winning FG). I realize it's unlikely since he was nearly replaced a few weeks ago."

Brian Jackson, Team Jackson Kicking
"Justin Tucker - nothing but ice in his veins."

"Of these guys I see Lee and Tucker being the difference makers on teams. I really wouldn't be shocked if it came down to a Tucker field goal for the Ravens. He's amazing."

Adam Tanalski, Hammer Kicking Academy
"Andy Lee is the MVP, the best punter in the business and recent name that foot individual, is an absolute weapon for the 49ers. He sets up there defense and can change the field at all times. A rare punter, also the only punter whose jersey you will see being sold all around the stadium in shops. A Lee 4 MVP"

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