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Thursday, March 7, 2013

CPIFL 2013 - The Kickers

The Champions Professional Indoor Football League kicks off on March 9th. 

Several of the kickers from the league's ten teams gave us their thoughts on the upcoming season and assorted kicking matters.

Bloomington Edge - Steve Fetzer (Illinois State)

Kansas Koyotes - Chase McCoy (Pittsburg State KS) 

Kansas City Renegades - ???

Lincoln Haymakers - Andrew Nielsen (Doane College)
Lincoln Haymakers - Mike Ziola (Chadron State)
"Since I'm new to arena some places are difficult to kick at with low hanging scoreboards to watch out for and some of the advertising stickers are tough to kick off of."
MidMissouri Outlaws - Derek Doerfler (Baker) 
"I am very excited to be a part of the newly formed CPIFL. The league was formed with teams from the AFL, IFL, and APFL in order to create a regional indoor football league. With the volatility of indoor football leagues, a regional league that cuts down travel costs and overall expenses is key for long-term sustainability. I believe that the future of indoor football will be three regional leagues with one championship.
As a kicker, the rules of the CPIFL allow me to be creative. I have developed a new kickoff that is similar to a knuckleball in baseball. My kickoff is difficult for the returners to pick up/catch. There is no netting in the endzone and the best case scenario on a kickoff is to have the ball hit the back wall so the receiving team starts at their own 5 yard line. I am looking forward to my second season with the Outlaws organization!"
 Oklahoma Defenders - Brandon Noahr (Bacone College)
"I started the kicking game my senior year in high school. I actually played soccer for Broken Arrow Senior High in Broken Arrow, OK. One day at soccer practice I found a football and a kicking tee and just was messing around out on the field and that's where it started. And I must say that Kicking a soccer ball and football are not the same. I then went to college at Bacone College in Muskogee, OK a little NAIA school and spent four years kicking there. My best memory of college football was my sophomore year in 2007 when I hit a 52 yard field goal against Texas College. I had ended up National player of the week, and had numerous player of the weeks throughout my college career.

I then was picked up by the Oklahoma Thunder Semi-Pro Team in 2010 where I had one my first World Bowl Championship (National Championship). A couple of coaches had broken away from the Thunder and started the Oklahoma Defenders. I decided to follow them in our very first season last year. I only played the first 3 games until I left for Basic Training for the USAF. I am now back and ready for this week's game. I was told I would not be suiting out for this weeks game, which is ok with me because I don't like things handed to me I like to work for it. It stinks because I live out of town from where we practice so I can only make it once a week. I just know deep down that when I go once a week I am still stronger and more accurate then the guy who took my spot when I left for BMT. My coaches know this and know how I can play, but my special teams coach seems that it is fair because the other kicker has came to every practice (whom lives in town). They said we will see how he does this weekend and possibly have their minds made up. I know that a bunch of the guys are going to be disappointed that I am not suiting out for the first game, but nothing I can do now."
Oklahoma Defenders - Billy Perry (Greenville College)

Omaha Beef - Lucas Tomlinson (Hastings College) 
Omaha Beef - Mike Stillmock (Creighton)

Salina Bombers - Corey Hoover (Missouri State)

Sioux City Bandits - Nick Hope (Wayne State College)
Sioux City Bandits - Max Martin (Wayne State College)

Wichita Wild - Alex Fambrough (Bethany College)
"It's a whole different mindset in indoor football. In outdoor football I expect to make almost every field goal. With indoor, I have to accept ahead of time that I'm going to fail. I don't plan to fail, I just know it's going to happen more often than not. I have to focus on what I can control and reflect on the good more so than the bad. It's like baseball, some of the highest paid athletes in the world fail 70% of the time and that's considered elite. Anything else in life if you fail 70% of the time you'll be fired, let go or walked away from. Kicking here takes extra focus, a change in technique and the ability to let failure quickly pass you. With as much scoring as there is in indoor football, I don't have time to dwell on my misses when they happen."
Wichita Wild - Austin Ledy (Southwestern College)

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