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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

More Specialists Comment on Lauren Silberman's NFL Tryout

Yesterday we compiled various thoughts and comments from kickers, punters & coaches regarding Lauren Silberman's much publicized tryout at an NFL regional combine over the weekend. The story hasn't yet lost momentum, and more thoughts and comments have come our way:

Coach Michael Husted, National Camp Series & Husted Kicking
"Lauren reached out to me a few weeks ago looking for a local kicking coach to help her fine tune her kicking before the NFL regional combine. I didn't know what experience she had and referred her to a couple of people.

From what I read, she had injured her quad a week earlier practicing. Any injury is unfortunate. However, if someone hasn't been training or kicking with the quad, then an injury can happen easily. If you do have an injured quad, the ball when not go far if you kick it.

Being that she didn't have any prior experience kicking on a team points to it being a publicity stunt.  I don't mind that she did it to get attention and some of the media has been harsh on her, but I do give her some credit for going out there and trying..."
Coach Tom Feely,  Feely Kicking School
"I think this writer hits the nail on the head!"
Ben Aguilar,Chicago Thunder kicker, MSFL
"I am all about equal rights and IF a female can compare or even outperform a male, I will take her in a heartbeat. So long as she can do it. I appreciate the thought of her trying to 'open doors' or 'inspire' other females, but I believe it had an adverse effect. It made her look totally out of her element as well as legitimizing that this woman had no sense in being there.

The excuse of being hurt (in my humble opinion) is beyond wrong. I have kicked with a torn quad and torn hamstring (individual times) and have kicked better than that. Many train for years day-in-day-out to get even a chance to get where she was. to try and insult this caliber of athletes by saying she just started training months before is beyond words. 
I know a great female kicker that would be great (not that she is NFL status) and currently plays arena. If we are going to give someone a chance, give it to her."
Mo Isom, former LSU Womens Soccer goalie who tried out at kicker for the football team:

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