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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Super Camp VII - Epilogue

The seventh annual NCS Super Camp last month saw plenty of kicking and punting. We checked in with a pair of coaches and seven participants to get their thoughts on this year's event.

Zach Schmid, placed first on punting in varsity bracket
The National Camp Series brought together coaches from across the country who covered all aspects of punting, kicking, and long snapping. Paramount to the success of Super Camp VII were the backgrounds of the coaches, which included successful college careers and for some, substantial careers in the NFL. Some examples include Michael Husted, the nine-year NFL veteran and administrator of this association of coaches, and Billy Cundiff, a stalwart kicker who has played for a number teams in the NFL. The variety of coaches not only taught the technique necessary to succeed at the collegiate level but also how to overcome and embrace competition and pressure: an essential aspect of kicking, punting, and snapping. Overall, the experience of traveling to Florida to compete with and meet other kickers and punters pursuing dreams of playing on Saturdays was time well spent and more importantly, an experience I will look back upon fondly.
Bryan Rafano, placed third in both field goals and punting in college bracket
I think that the Super Camp VII was a great experience. It is the best camp for any kicker who wants to kick at the next level.
Jarrett Cervi, placed second on punting in varsity bracket
I thought it was a great camp to get many different perspectives on form and that it was great to experience the many different ways of instructing.
Connor Federico, placed first in field goals in junior varsity bracket
Overall great camp! I liked the way they set it up and was very productive throughout the whole camp.
Coach Chris Husby, Special Teams Football Academy
I really enjoyed the camp.  As a coach, it's great to be around other like minded individuals, whether its another kicking coach or athlete.  It's fun to see kickers there that you've seen for a couple years and see their improvements over a year's period of time. I really enjoyed the parent/athlete/coach social event.  It was nice to interact in a non-sports setting and get to know players and parents on a personal level. The Super Camp is a great camp overall with a lot to offer.
Haden Tobola, placed second in field goals in junior varsity bracket
The instruction with the coaches proved to be the most beneficial, I took home some great drills and things to work on. I wouldn't have done much differently, I gave it all I had, and the result was good.
Codey Wuthrich, placed second in punting in college bracket
NCS camps are the best way for upcoming kickers and punters to showcase their talent and improve basic skills. From my perspective if you have the desire and passion, you can go anywhere. Camps such as the Super Camp are the best way to get a look at what your up against in the the future no matter what level of play your at. Ive been punting for just about two years now and the milestones that have really mattered are comparing myself to the best punters in country. If you set your bar high and train like a pro, there's a whole lot you can do whatever your dreams might be. For me, there's nothing I want more than to play in the NFL someday, and thanks to the support i got from Michael Husted and his camps, I'm one step closer.
Bram Majewski, placed first in field goals and third on kickoffs in the college bracket
The camp was awesome. The instructional level was remarkable. Without a doubt, all the coaches were there for the kickers...not for themselves. I meet a lot of great athletes and motivating people - including Billy Cundiff. If I am able to make it to the next level, I will definitely make it a goal to be a contributor to Billy’s foundation. Anthony Starego was a great inspiration, and showed us all a thing or two about what really matters in life. Winning the field goal competition was an excellent experience. I proved to myself that hard work does payoff. Coach Eric Fritz of RealKickers has brought me a long way in a short period of time. In watching my competitors, I also know where I need to improve and work harder.
Coach Michael Husted, NCS Founder & Husted Kicking
There was amazing talent at Super Camp VII this year.  Several specialists in all grad years, from all over the country, impressed our coaching staff. From the instructional groups, evaluation charting to the Head 2 Head tournament, several people performed extremely well and stepped up their game when put under pressure.
We added the Saturday Evening Social as a way for parents to have an opportunity to spend time with both the coaches and other parents.  At the end of the evening, many parents told me they truly appreciated having that ‘one on one’ time, off the field, with other parents and the coaches.
Anthony Starego, an autistic kicker that trains with Lee McDonald, attended our camp.  He was great person everyone that had a chance to meet and "hang" with him enjoyed his company.

I continue to be impressed by the level of talent that attend our Super Camps as well as our ever expanding network of expert kicking game coaches from all over. The opportunity to share resources with one another, as well as to collectively watch all of the talent, provides for a top notch camp.

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