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Friday, March 1, 2013

UIFL 2013 - The Kickers

Another year of the Ultimate Indoor Football League kicks off on March 4th. Several of the kickers from the league's six teams gave us their thoughts on the upcoming season and assorted kicking matters.

Corpus Christi Fury - ???

Florida Tarpons - Kyle Dougherty (Southern Illinois) 
"Its a great situation here. I still have the opportunity to coach high school kickers in my home town as well as continue my dream of playing football at the highest level. The Florida Tarpons have prolonged my career and given me a chance to acquire more game film. At this level from an athlete perspective that is what its all about, besides winning of course."
Georgia Rampage - Jaye Tyroff (Miami)
"I'm look forward to kicking off the season coming up on March 4th. Since our recent move to Dalton, GA our home arena will be a huge factor in the kicking game! The ceiling in the convention center is at 32-35 feet, which on kickoffs causes for some creativity on your kicks. Field goals won't be a problem 'til you reach about 30-40 yards. Hopefully we won't need any field goals from that distance. I have been practicing in the arena for a bit and I have got the kickoffs mastered down switching up my steps and approach. Looking forward to the season and good luck to all the kickers across the Nation."
Lakeland Raiders - Carlos Ojeda (UCF / Webber International) 
"I am happy and excited to have the opportunty to continue what I love and to-- and to do it a couple hours from where I am born, raised, and still currently reside, and minutes from where I played and graduated college is a true blessing. Looking forward to a great season and doing my part in bringing an indoor football championship to Lakeland."
Missouri Monsters - Morris Keseloff (Lindenwood)
"I think that it's more fundamental because of the uprights more narrow than the NFL or college. This gives more focus for the UIFL kickers to work on accuracy and precision. Since the footballs are lighter and less difficult to kick, it helps us to not attempt to kill the ball with a hard strike. If you have a good swing and follow through to the ball it will end up reaching the target."
Missouri Monsters - Carter Rethwisch (Central Methodist)
"My story is unique in that I'm actually a 40 year old kicker who has been kicking minor league football kind of for fun for about 12 years now. My story really goes back to when I was in college I was going to kick for Central Methodist but got hit by a drunk driver and never got to kick in college. It took me about five years to recuperate and I found there are minor league football teams around the Midwest. So I tried out, made the team, kicked a 51 yard field goal and got a tryout offered to me by the Saint Louis Rams. That was kind of fun. Since then I've had a few combines and been invited to some NFL kicking camps and professional kicking camps. I continue to kick in my league all I've been kicker of the year and conference kicker of the year all-American. I've hit 5 career 50 + yard field goals... it was after the first one that the Saint Louis Rams called me for a tryout. They said you know we've got this other kicker by the name of Jeff Wilkins. I said 'yeah I've heard of him'. Along the way I tried out and made teams a couple times as the indoor kicker, but just kept kicking outdoors and indoors. It was pretty here and there with what was going on in who knew the coach... politics...
Finally this year we heard the Missouri Monsters were coming to play in town and I received number of text messages about tryouts. I was really not that interested given all of my past and I'm getting a little bit older. Then I walked into a business meeting and one of my business associates told me 'get ready, how's your leg'. This time I would actually get to kick as a primary kicker for the Missouri Monsters. A 40 year old rookie. I really look forward to it and I think it's going to be a great opportunity, and who knows as accurate as I continue to be there maybe a late chance to get into and get a good tryout with an NFL team because by now they're beginning to realize it's not about kicking long field goals it's about making everything that's less than 50 yards. My old holder was also the punter and holder for Notre Dame and he told me 'Carter yes you're good enough you should continue until you make it'.

Most of my story goes back to the fact that I thought I was going to be a pro baseball player and never did. So now I'm also known in in the Midwest as the Cardinal Cowboy. I wear the red cardinal cowboy hat to the Cardinal games complete with a baseball jersey and baseball pants and I go to groups and talk about my accident and what I overcame. Kicking now professionally kind of tops the list of achievements among a few others... in 2011 I was voted major league baseballs favorite fan. Kicking in the UIFL is very exciting... something to also share with the kids I talk to."
Sarasota Thunder - Lee Wimer

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