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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

First Kicks, part 2

What is your earliest recollection of kicking a ball 
(any kind of ball)?

Our series on childhood kicking memories continues, with more kickers, punters and coaches.

John Smith, NFL kicker 1974-1983, ProKick Australia
"I can remember my junior school banning me from playing soccer in the playground as I kept knocking kids out with the ball! When I represented the school at soccer - playing as a seven year old with eleven year olds - they told me to kick it as hard as I could!"

Brandon Kornblue, Kornblue Kicking
"I enjoyed kicking footballs and soccer balls at a very young age but I'll never forget my first kick in a football game. I was a freshman in high school playing for the JV team. It was a simple extra point (and it was good), but because it was the first kick I had ever attempted in a football game, it was the most nervous I have ever been on a football field. I played 15+ years as a kicker/punter, kicked in the largest stadium in college football, set several records in the Arena Football League (af2), yet my first kick was the one where I experienced the greatest anxiety."

Paul Assad, Assad Academy
"I used to watch football with Dad and during the commercial I line up a field goal in the backyard and pretend it was the game winner. I was probably seven years old."

Rob Maver, Calgary Stampeders punter
"My first kick was definitely an innocent dandelion in a community soccer field when I was four. Shortly after that I remember purposely kicking the ball out of bounds because they wouldn't play me at forward. Thankfully I've grown up since. "

Chris Husby, Special Teams Football Academy
"My earliest recollection of kicking a ball was playing Indoor Soccer in 2nd grade.  We played in a gym on a basketball court on mini soccer goals.  I was a center and forward and we had a pretty dominant team.  I only played soccer for about 4-5 years, so this was always a fun child hood memory I looked back at as a young athlete."

Filip Filipovic, NFL punter 2002, The Kicking Coach
"I started kicking a soccer ball pretty much as soon as I started walking. I lived in my grandparents house with a long narrow hallway that way perfect for practicing long straight kicks. If I did not kick it straight, I risked knocking over a painting on the wall. Outdoors, since I was a chubby/slow kid, I remember that I liked taking penalty kicks with my dad more than running around and actually playing soccer."

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CharlieCoachLee said...

In 6th grade, on a dare, I kicked a football from the top level of my school in Prunedale, California over the classrooms, over the sports courts and onto the lower level playing field. One of the recess monitors turned me into the school principal who disciplined me for potentially injuring students but he also said I had an exceptionally strong leg & should be a kicker.

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