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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

John Kasay: Retirement Tribute

Yesterday, kicker John Kasay signed a 1-day contract with the Carolina Panthers, announced his retirement, and attended a reception in his honor.
"I've been to these and lots of times they come off more like funerals than they do celebrations. And it really is (a celebration)....
I told Mr. Richardson the reason I wanted to do this is simply I can't write 70,000 thank-you notes. I wish that I could. But this is my feeble attempt to tell everybody thank you."
Long snapper J.J. Jansen played with Kasay for two years at the end of his Panther career
"He's just been so warm and inviting away from football. John and his whole family are our dearest friends. He's been such a friend, mentor, really a second father figure. We often joke that I'm his fifth kid....
And all the football stuff speaks for itself. The reason we're here today is because he was so good at what he did for so long. It's fun to be able to give him a proper and fitting end to an unbelievably great career."
Kasay's former team-mate, close friend, wide receiver Steve Smith offered the following thoughts:
"He’s one of my good friends. I don’t know what the big deal is. I mean, a white kicker from Georgia and a black guy from California, a wide receiver. We’re friends. Get over it. It’s not that odd....

His impact on me has been great. It has, in a lot of areas. But I’m not going to try to give you that so you can put it into two sentences, because it’s greater than that. I think I’d be doing him a disservice to try to summarize it because, why does it matter? John Kasay’s leadership and what he’s done is far beyond football."
A Career in Numbers

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