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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Central Michigan Chippewas 2013 Specialists

Our summer tour of FBS schools looks at the specialists for the Central Michigan Chippewas.

Kicker: Ron Coluzzi, freshman (Naperville, IL / Naperville North HS)
One task facing special teams coordinator Kyle Nystrom this spring necessary to maintaining that level is developing a kicker for field goals and PATs. Gone to graduation is David Harman. Staking a primary claim to that spot thus far has been redshirt freshman Ron Coluzzi.
"This offseason I have spent countless of hours in the weight room and watched film from last year. I went back to the basics my coaches taught me and gradually made the workouts more intense. This offseason I tried to focus on the areas where I didn't quite succeed as much as I did in other areas. My time was mainly spent on how I can act smarter on and off the field so I can remain healthy and contribute my best effort for my team.
This summer I plan on pacing the number of balls I hit a week so I can arrive at camp with a great mentality that I'm ready to go. This includes stretching everyday and constantly practicing my muscle memory drills I learned from Chris Sailer, a kicking coach based in California. My goal for this upcoming season is to give the best effort I possibly can. If I miss a field goal, I want to be able to look my teammates in the eyes and say I tried my best. Redshirting my freshman year was a very humbling experience and a goal I have set for myself is to learn from my experience playing, whether I succeed or not, it's for the best."
Kicker: Connor Gagnon, senior (Midland, MI / Midland HS)
'Coluzzi is also the frontrunner to handle kickoff duties but senior Connor Gagnon is also battling to fill that role. Gagnon has the edge in experience after kicking off 19 times in 2012 for a 58.9-yard average, with five touchbacks.'
Punter: Richie Hogan, senior (Laguna Hills, CA / Laguna Hills HS)
Richie Hogan returns for his senior season as the incumbent starter at punter. He sat out the spring season with an injury but will be 100 percent for the 2013 season. 
"This offseason/summer I've been busy working to improve my power and explosiveness in the weight room along with improving my flexibility and core. I've also been utilizing the pool for water resistance by going through the punting/kicking motions. Pool work is one of my favorite work-outs for punting.
This summer I've been working with the snappers to try to improve my operation time and get a solid feeling with them so I don't having any problems/timing issues with them in camp.
Weather is a factor in many of our games so it is important for me to improve my consistency punting into the wind. Coming into camp fresh is important so over kicking is always something I am aware of. Lastly, and the most important thing I consistently strive to get better in is the mental aspect. Visualization and a clear mind is something I do before I punt a ball. Never too early to visualize success this upcoming season!"
Punter: Matt Cotiguala, sophomore (LaGrange, IL / College of DuPage)
'Nystrom expects that Matt Cotiguala, a junior college transfer from the College of DuPage in Illinois, will push for the starting punting job during fall camp. In the meantime, while Hogan is sidelined and Cotiguala is not yet on campus, Coluzzi has been serving as the No. 1 punter. '
Long snapper: Mike Zenk, sophomore (Toledo, OH / Central Catholic HS)
2012: Played in 13 games, serving as the team's long snapper … credited with two tackles.
"I've been working out four days a week with the team and snapping at least twice. I've been doing many drills that do not involve using the ball to work on my form every time I go out to snap. I'm working to get faster so that I will be more effective on punts and stronger and quicker to be able to protect on both pat/field goals and punts. I've been doing yoga to keep my flexibility at its best.
Some of my goals: to get my snap speed down to get our snap to kick times better, to help increase the productivity of the units I snap, to allow our team to pin opponents and score as many points as possible. As a unit we are looking to become much closer this summer giving us better chemistry on the field that will hopefully result in better snap to kick and yardage.
We are looking to be the best specialist unit we can be and help our team win more games. We want to be the most reliable part of the team, as do our offense and defense."
Long snapper: Nick Adams, junior (Crystal Lake, IL / Crystal Lake South HS)
2012: Did not see game action.

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