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Monday, September 2, 2013

Big Kickers on Campus, 2013 week 1

A summary of notable kicking during the first week of the 2013 college football season: 

Senior kicker Colton Cook hit a 28 yard field goal as time expire to lift Southern Utah 22-21 over South Alabama.
"When we got the ball with just over four minutes left on the Jags 30/35 yard line I wasn't really thinking much about having to kick. We weren't really having much success in moving the ball, so I didn't really think I was even going to have the opportunity - But when we passed the 50 yard line, I knew I was going to have to end up kicking no matter what. I started warming up in the net because my legs felt "cold" (stiff). I hadn't kicked in a while in the game, so I needed to get warm. I really don't kick into the net much as compared to other kickers. For me, I need to see the 'end result' when I practice (seeing the ball go through the uprights). Guys on the sidelines were coming up to me saying things like, 'You're an All-American for a reason' - 'You got this, it's just like practice', etc."
Senior kicker Mathew Sims hit a 36 yard field goal with four seconds remaining to give Northern Illinois a 30-27 win over Iowa.
"I was prepared. I did my normal routine, got my leg warmed up and trusted my technique.... It's great. It's obviously a big boost for the team. I plan to enjoy it for 24 hours and then focus on Idaho."
Junior kicker Will Oliver hit field goals of 22, 41, 44 & 52 yards in Colorado's 41-27 win over Colorado State.
"It felt really good, just to know that what you're working for has at least started to pay off.... It builds my confidence that he trusts me. I'm always of the mindset that as you go, when they put you on the field, they believe you can make the kick."
Senior kicker Will Scott's 30 yarder in overtime gave Troy a 34-31 win over UAB.
"I'm always nervous, I want to make every kick so I think it's OK to be nervous about it."
Senior kicker Tom Alberti made a 30 yard field goal with 38 seconds left in the game to give Bryant a 17-16 win over Holy Cross.
"As I warmed up my leg on the sideline, I watched my Bryant university bulldogs drive down the field. With under 3:00 minutes to go, I knew that it would come down to me when we got in field goal range. After a nice completion to Jordan Harris, that put us in field goal range with about 42 seconds left in the game. When coach Marty Fine called "field goal" I ran out to the field and felt on top of the world. Although I was a little anxious on the sideline when I was practicing kicking into the kicking net, as soon as I stepped on the field, the nervousness was obsolete. The ball was on the 13 yard line making it a 30 yard field goal. As I took my 3 steps back and 2 steps to the side, there was virtually nothing on my mind which was incredible to believe. I have never been in a position to kick a game winner, but I have always imagined how unreal the feeling would be. As the ball was snapped and I began my steps to the ball, I knew immediately after I kicked it, it was going through. Right as I looked up I noticed the ball was already well on its way through the uprights so I began to dap up my holder Devin O'Connor and ran to the sidelines to continue giving teammates high fives. After the game we went into the locker room and everyone was still over-excited about the kick and could not believe we won the game.
Yes, kicking the game winning field goal is an amazing feeling and something I would like to do in future games."
Senior kicker Josh Shutter hit two late fourth quarter field goals, including a 31 yarder with three seconds remaining, to give Mercer a 40-37 win over Reinhardt in their inaugural game.
“I would think that soccer kind of helped me with the pressure. Being a new sport, of course, there’s going to be pressure on you, a little bit of anxiety.”
Sophomore kicker Cameron Mitchell's 29 yard field goal with 6:01 remaining in the fourth quarter lifted Charleston Southern to a 32-29 win over Citadel.
"I went into the game as back up kicker. My main position is punter so I didn't think I'd kick in the game unless the kicker got hurt. And he did. He pulled his hamstring after the first extra point he kicked in the first half. I didn't know this until I heard my name being yelled by coaches to do kickoffs. After that, both field goals and kickoffs were my job the rest of the night. Some teammates of mine weren't being real serious when they told me to be ready to kick the game winning field goal, but by the way the game was going it very well could have become a reality. I kept warming up on the sideline ignoring the "cadets" fan section as they chanted "back up kicker." Our team got into the red zone and I thought they were going to score. But when we got stopped short I knew I had to go in and kick. I got on to the field and blocked out every distraction. I started taking my steps and noticed there was 5 seconds left on the play clock. It didn't go through my head that I had to rush because at that time it was only a 24 yard field goal on left left hash so if we got moved back 5 yards it would actually make the angle better. The snapper snapped it and the refs blew the whistle but I kicked it anyway to get my stroke right. It felt great. They backed us up 5 yards due to delay of game. Again, I blocked out all distractions and focused on my job: kick the ball through the uprights. My snapper Blake Stone and holder Kirby Broome did a perfect job on the snap and hold and once I kicked the ball I knew it was good."

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Freshman kicker Andy Phillips hit three field goals (45, 19 & 38 yards), the latter two coming late in the fourth quarter, along with an onside kick to give Utah a 30-26 win over Utah State.
"Oh man, what a thriller. It’s just an honor being out there with these guys. These guys fight and they have a lot of faith in me. So that’s kind of what kept me going — knowing that these guys had my back no matter what happened.... We worked hard at fall camp. Coach always talks about executing what we work hard at. So that’s all I did tonight was just execute my job. I did my job and our team did their job and we won the game."
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