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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Camping - In The Beginning

We asked specialists the following question: "What are your recollections from your first Training Camp experience in any Pro league (regardless of whether you made the team or not)."

Nick Sundberg, Washington Redskins long snapper
"Most memorable thing was realizing that no matter the age of everyone in the locker room, they were all just big kids. Always joking around and having fun, trying to keep things light during the grind that is training camp."
Rob Maver, Calgary Stampeders punter
"My rookie Training Camp with the Stampeders was the first time I can say I was actually nervous on the practice field. I remember looking at the schedule and counting down the periods until mine. Not necessarily so I could prepare accordingly, rather because I was nervous. It stayed this way until the first preseason game which helped me realize that it doesn't matter where you're doing it, kicking is kicking and it's still the same game I had played for years. Once this sunk in the tail end of camp was far easier than the beginning of it."
Brooks Rossman, KC Kicking
"St. Louis Rams Camp 2009... I remember walking into the locker room and a feeling of achievement mixed with disbelief came over me. It felt like a dream to have a locker next to guys that I grew up watching. The first practice I specifically remember suiting up in the locker room and the second I put that helmet on, I felt like I belonged. Josh Brown was a great guy to learn from. I had a great camp but was released after Chris Massay the LS suffered a torn calf. "That's how it goes in this business", Coach Spags told me. "Keep training, even when the phone isn't ringing, you will get another shot." My advice to any rookie going into camp is regardless of how you do, compile a video of all of your kicks from practice to take with you. This will be vital for you earning another opportunity  with a different team, down the road."
Todd Covington, All-Star Kicking
"Mine are that's why its called the NFL, which stands for NOT FOR LONG!!!! But other then that its was an awesome experience even to be invited to tryouts with teams. A lot of folks don't get that opportunity and for that I feel very blessed!"
"I was fortunate enough to participate in the San Diego Chargers 1994 Training camp.  It was held at the University of California San Diego and I roomed with legendary long-time snapper David Binn, 2 Time All Pro and Chargers Hall of Fame punter Darren Bennett, 2 Time All Pro and one of the most accurate kickers in NFL history John Carney!  How about that for an NFL rookie kicker's training camp experience!  These men displayed an amazing vibe of professionalism which gave me the tools to become an All Pro kicker myself."

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CharlieCoachLee said...

July 1976. San Francisco 49ers @ San Jose State Univ. with 1st year head coach Monte Clark. Not a pleasant experience for the most part.

Definitely a big change from today's camps as it seems a positive outcome occurs whether the kicker is cut or makes the team.

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