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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Second Kicking Competition Concludes: Dustin Hopkins over Rian Lindell

The second of several NFL kicking competitions this summer has concluded. Yesterday Buffalo finalized what they began with the draft back in April. They released veteran kicker Rian Lindell, which means that rookie Dustin Hopkins will be the Bills kicker this year.

Head coach Doug Marrone said of decision:
"It's always tough when you have to release a player like Rian Lindell. A true professional that's obviously been with the organization for quite some time. And I have a lot of respect for him.... I think in the past 10 days Dustin has performed better, so we made a decision to go with Dustin.''
Rian Lindell commented on the future of both kickers and the team:
"When I first met [Hopkins], I kind of hoped he'd be a knucklehead. Maybe that would give me a little bit of an advantage....He's good. He's as-advertised. He's a good kid, a hard worker. He's going to be good."

I'll keep trudging along and hopefully go somewhere and get a look. I'll keep searching for that perfect step, that holy grail of hitting the ball squarely down my line whenever I want. That's the quest. I'll just have to do it in another uniform.

I appreciate all the fans that gave me the benefit of the doubt. There are so many that come up to you and say, 'Go Bills,' through thick or thin. I suppose it's easy in a way to be negative with no playoffs or whatever, but there's a lot of people out there that have always been positive toward me. So, 'Go Bills.' It's nice to have a team to root for. I'm all in, man. I love that franchise."
The news came to Dustin Hopkins via an unexpected but not necessarily surprising source:
"I find myself kind of in a paradox. This is something I've worked my whole life for ... but at the same time, it's kind of the bad part of pro sports, parting with a guy that I've got a lot of respect for and have admired watching for a long time, and has meant so much to the community....

The first guy that I heard from today before I heard anything was Rian just saying he was wishing me luck and he wanted the best for me and he was happy for me. I think that's just an accurate representation of the kind of guy he is, just not bitter or anything like that but genuinely happy for a guy that he's only known a few weeks....
I've felt a lot more comfortable here recently just with the tempo and getting used to practices and games. For the most part, my mechanics are good. I'm breaking down film and making sure I'm documenting why I feel like I'm feeling better and being successful. And I think that's all just part of trying to be a pro."

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