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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Big Kickers on Campus, 2013 week 3

A summary of notable kicking during the third week of the 2013 college football season: 

Senior kicker Griffin Thomas made five field goals (50, 42, 44, 26 & 20 yards), with last one winning the game in the second overtime, in Jacksonville State's 24-21 win over North Alabama.
It was a busy night to say the least, but it turned out good from our perspective. The overtime was pretty nerve-wracking, but we were already down there in field goal position. You know you’re going to get a chance to kick it, so you’re obviously ready for that. We practiced a lot of situational stuff like that. It wasn’t just like practice, but it kind of was.”
Freshman kicker Jordan Remsza's 39 yard field goal with 7:15 remaining proved to be the winner in Ripon College's 22-20 win over Carroll.

Senior kicker Chris Bowell hit a key 56 yard field goal in the fourth quarter as Rice won 23-14 over Kansas.
"It's just another kick, and that's how I approach it every time. My line does a great job. They make a great wall for me to do my part. We're really clicking right now."
Freshman kicker Davis Cragun's  27 yard field goal in overtime gave Southern Virginia a 24-21 win over N.C. Wesleyan.
"The kicker position is crazy. Coming into this week's game I had just had my worse ever week of practice in which I missed a lot of big kicks. Even though this was extremely frustrating I knew how important it was for a kicker to have a short memory and so I really tried hard to remain focused and to keep my head up and stay confident in my ability to make kicks. When it came time to make the kick I didn't feel nervous at all. I think this is because my coaches and I try to put myself in nerve-wracking situations during practice so that come game time I would be ready. It totally paid off and I am grateful for the confidence my coaches have in me and it feels great to help the team win a big game. What I learned this week is confidence is key for a kicker!"
Freshman kicker Matthew Aven hit a 36 yard field goal in overtime to lift Claremont-Mudd-Scripps 31-28 over Lewis & Clark.

Senior kicker Jordan Day made a 30 yarder (his fourth field goal on the day) with 25 seconds left in the game to lift Gardner-Webb 12-10 over Richmond.
“I just tried to embrace the pressure and that makes me focus a little bit more. Recognizing the importance of it (the moment) and respecting that was key. You count on everyone to do their job and that’s what happened. Everyone did their job from the snap, to the hold and to the blocks. In the end we ended up getting the W.”
Freshman kicker Cody Clark hit a 41 yard field goal with 1:49 remaining to give Middle Tennessee a 17-15 win over Memphis.
“Honestly, it’s probably one of the greater feelings in my entire life. I missed the [field goal] early, and I got the opportunity to help us win the game and I just had to take care of it.”
Senior kicker Dylan Rushe made five field goals (42, 27, 25, 42 & 44 yards) in Endicott College's 43-7 win over Castleton State.

Senior kicker Curt Duncan made a 38 yard field goal with 5:39 remaining to give Carson-Newman a 27-24 win over Colorado Mines.

Sophomore kicker Alex Hallwachs hit a 27 yard field goal in overtime to lift Washington (MO) 10-7 over Rhodes.

Junior kicker Andrew Franks hit a school record five field goals, including a school record-tying 50-yarder and a 37-yarder with 1:04 remaining, to give Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute a 24-21 win over Alfred University.
"Honestly, the last kick felt just like any of my other kicks during the game. The hardest kick of the game was the first field goal since it was the first of the year. But after that first kick, everything felt great. I have a great holder and snapper, and from them I am very confident in my ability to convert field goals. I think the support of my team, and the confidence they have in me makes a game winning kick just another PAT in my eyes."
Senior kicker Sergio Castillo Jr. hit a 21 yard field goal with 49 seconds remaining to give West Texas A&M a 34-31 win over Chadron State.
"The game was intense since the beginning. Down by 21 in the 1st quarter was not exactly what we had planned, but after a while as a team we settled in and towards the middle of the 3rd quarter, both of my snappers, Ramon Lopez and Joshua Beal, approached me and told me it could come down to special teams making a big play at the end of the game. So, I began just to take mental reps and take deep breaths here and there when I would get too anxious. In the 4th quarter, as we were marching down the field I was continuing doing mental reps and just picturing the ball go in. 'If you think positive things, good things will happen,' those were the words Joshua kept on telling me. After the kick went through it was a blessing to be able to help my team come up on top, but our perseverance was amazing as a team. And I was excited because my mom surprised me at the game and she got to experience it first hand, instead of on TV. I just give a lot of credit to my coaches and teammates for believing in me."
If we missed someone that should be on the above list, please let us know!

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