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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Big Kickers on Campus, 2013 week 5

A summary of notable kicking during the fifth week of the 2013 college football season: 

Senior kicker Puma Nuredini hit  a 35 yard field goal as time expired to give Charleston a 34-32 win over Notre Dame College.
"I had a feeling the game was going to come down to a kick. The game was going back and forth the whole time. A few of my teammates came near me and tried to talk to me before the kick, but I just did my normal routine and stayed calm. That was the calmest I was all game. It was nothing different...practice or game it's all the same, I still have to hit the ball solid no matter the circumstances. We practice it every time. I was confident, all I had to do is do my job and everyone else do theirs...which we did."
Senior kicker Zack Czap made a 33 yard field goal with 2:24 remaining to give Lycoming a 16-14 win over Widener.
"I knew it was different because I'm in the game and I have to know when things are going on. I've caught myself a few times before just getting too excited, even in practice. But we work on it every day in practice where everyone is crowded around you, and it really pays off in moments like this, and I was able to treat it like any other kick.... I just focus on making solid contact. The ball will go where it's going to go. If you try to aim it, it's not going to go where you want it to go."
Senior kicker Zach Pulkinen made 37 yard field goal with 48 seconds left to lift Bemidji State 41-40 over Southwest Minnesota State

Senior kicker Cairo Santos opened the scoring with a 56 yard field goal in Tulane's  31-14 win over Louisiana-Monroe.

Sophomore kicker Marshall Morgan hit a 55 yard filed goal during Georgia's 44-41 win over LSU.
"Someone said it went into the handicapped section in the front row. I hit a 65-yarder in warmups, and I stroked that 55-yarder as well as I could stroke it."
Fourth-year kicker Samy Rassy made six field goals (24, 37, 12, 30, 30 & 35 yards) during McGill's 53-52 win over Concordia.

Senior kicker Spencer Nolen made five field goals (43, 32, 39, 46 & 30 yards yards) in
St. Xavier's 37-25 win over St. Francis.

Freshman kicker Younghoe Koo hit a 26 yard field goal with 1:56 left to give Georgia Southern a 23-21 win over Chattanooga.
“I was just trying to do what I do in practice.”
Senior kicker John Macomber's 23 yard field goal with 51 seconds to go lifted Holy Cross to a 31-28 win over Dartmouth.

Senior kicker Tad Beuchert made a 44-yard field goal with 3:21 remaining to give Assumption a 26-23 win over American International.

Freshman kicker Chayce Volpert hit a 30 yard field goal with 47 seconds left to give Millikin a 52-49 win over Aurora.

If we missed someone that should be on the above list, please let us know!

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