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Monday, September 23, 2013

NFL Week Three: Spencer Lanning Punt Pass & Kick

During Cleveland's 31-27 win over Minnesota, punter Spencer Lanning averaged 46.8 yards on five punts, placing two inside the 20 yard line. As expected, he also served as the holder on placekicks. But that was only half the story.

In the latter stages of the second quarter, while in holder mode on an apparent 29 yard field goal attempt, Lanning did a little passing, which resulted in an 11 yard touchdown.
"If they covered it, we were going to bring it back in. You try to get set so nobody sees it. They gave us the look we wanted and we got a good snap, a good throw and JC [tight end Jordan Cameron] made a good catch. The only thing I was thinking was not over-throwing him. I just wanted to get him the ball. I didn’t want to zip it out there. We’ve seen guys around the league run the same play and overthrow the guy....
It's all about execution. It never goes exactly how you plan it or how you practice it. I just wanted to make sure everyone was set and I took a peek outside and saw nobody was covering him."
In the latter stages of the fourth quarter, with starting kicker Billy Cundiff hobbled by a quad injury, Lanning did a little placekicking, handling the extra point following the Browns' final touchdown. Since Lanning obviously could not also serve as holder while kicking, QB Brian Hoyer did so. Lanning was equally prepared to attempt a field goal had the situation arose:
It's something I have confidence in. When it comes down to it, it's anything I can do to help the team win."
A day later, Lanning did a little expanding, discussing the prologue and epilogue to his touchdown pass:
"The most training I've had throwing a ball is with my dad out in the yard. As kickers and punters, we have a lot of time on our hands. In college especially, we got some passes in and whatnot. But I have no background playing quarterback, never played Pee-Wee football or anything like that. Coaches just drew up a play and we went out there and executed it....

I've had some guys around the league texting me saying I threw it like a girl. No offense to all the women out there.''

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