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Monday, September 16, 2013

NFL Week Two: Alex Henery & Nick Novak

After yesterday's game, Philadelphia kicker Alex Henery got a chance to provide plenty of commentary, although much of it centered on tackling rather than kicking. After the Eagles had taken a 27-23 lead midway through the fourth quarter, there was a fumble on the subsequent kickoff return by San Diego. Henery had a shot a recovering it, but did not.

“Yeah, I thought I was going to get it. It kind of shot out towards me and hit me in the elbow, and I wasn’t able to get it. So it is one of those things. I guess I could use some of those in practice, since I am not used to fielding the football....
They were all coming and I kind of dove in and it shot this way and hit my elbow and came out behind. I don’t know. It all happens fast when you’re not used to recovering fumbles. I was kind of going in and probably took my eyes off of it, worrying that they were going to crush me.”
The kicking discussion focused on Henery's missed 46 yard attempt late in the first half:

“I just kind of ended up driving it a little low. It cut right through. I thought, on contact, that it would have had a good chance because the ball was coming back from their sideline to our sideline. So it is just one of those things that I kind of hit it a little low and it cut through the wind and stayed straight as an arrow on me. So on contact, I thought it was good. And it just stayed out there.” 
On the other sideline, Chargers kicker Nick Novak made field goals of  49, 44, 33 & 46 yards on the day. The latter came with seven seconds remaining, breaking a tie and giving San Diego a 33-30 victory.
“There’s no better feeling than that. Everyone played so well.  I’m happy for Coach McCoy and Tom Telesco and the whole organization.  I never played in the Super Bowl, but it felt like a championship game.  It’s a great feeling.  Everybody did their job today.  Our goal is to win no matter how we did it.  And it was crazy.  I’m sure all the fans were going nuts as we put on a show....

It’s a great feeling because we work so hard at it in practice. [Holder/punter] Mike Scifres and [long snapper] Mike Windt and the whole line, we work so hard at it.  So it’s a total team effort.  To go 4-for-4 is a great feeling.  I’m very confident we’ll get the job done.”

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