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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

NFL Week Two: David Akers & Jay Feely

One of Arizona's favorite things to do is block field goal attempts by David Akers. They did so twice in four prior games when he was with San Francisco, and added another one yesterday now that he is with Detroit. The blocked 47 yarder, plus a wide right attempt from the same distance were missed opportunities in a close game.
“Hats go off to Arizona because they’ve been a nemesis of mine for a while. Bethel and Peterson coming off the edge and then you got (Darnell) Dockett and Campbell up front that just wreak havoc. You’re kind of trying to be up on your toes about getting it off. You have to make the kick, too, obviously.”
In his Monday press conference, head coach Jim Schwartz noted:
“He wasn’t injured. He was shaken up on that first field goal. But he’s a consistent kicker. He’s an experienced kicker. He’ll make many more of those kicks than he misses. Our protection needs to improve. … We make those two plays, the game has a true opportunity to really look the other way, and those are plays that we should consistently make over the course of the season.”
Cardinals kicker Jay Feely fared much better, making field goals 47, 23, 43 and 33 yards. They were of course important points in their 25-21 win over the Lions.
“You know how the game is going. All along it almost had the atmosphere of a playoff game. How tense it was, how badly we needed that game. You knew that it was a tight game and was going to stay tight. You could feel that was the way it was going to go the whole game.”
They were also important points for Feely himself, as he had been publicly called out by head coach Bruce Arians following a preseason miss and a miss in the regular season opener.
“I know I didn’t play well. The facts are the facts. My performance was poor... When you lose a game that you could have helped it hurts a lot and stays with you.... I don’t care what people think about me. I really don’t. I know I have to do my job. Him criticizing me isn’t going to change the way I prepare or the way I believe in myself. I think that’s the one thing experience gives you, the ability not to worry about that stuff.”

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