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Monday, September 16, 2013

NFL Week Two: Rian Lindell & Garrett Hartley

Leading by one point and with 1:06 remaining, Tampa Bay had a chance to increase their lead. But kicker Rian Lindell's 47 yard field goal attempt was wide left.
"The snap, the hold, everything was great, I just didn't do my part. I didn't hit it obviously like I wanted to. I wasn't worried about the distance. It didn't go straight.... I just didn't hit a good ball. I started way too far left. I felt fine. I felt good. To me they are all big kicks so it's the same feeling to me whether it's the second quarter or the first."

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On the other sideline, that miss and the subsequent events were being visualized by New Orleans quarterback Drew Brees:
"Right when they line up for the field goal you just visualized it happening in your mind. This happened back in 2009 against Washington. They line up for a field goal and you just visualize that they’re going to miss it, and we have this amount of time and these are the plays we’re going to run and we’re going to go down and score and win this game. It was the same scenario there. You just believed it would happen. Again, for those of us that we’re a part of that team, which there’s not many – there’s only 11 of us – we can draw a lot of experience. With everybody there, the fact of the matter is we worked so hard and we conditioned ourselves to take advantage of these opportunities and you just visualize success. You visualize yourself making plays and, so really, I considered there was no doubt amongst our team.”
Brees and company subsequently drove the ball to set up a 27 yard field goal attempt on the final play of the game. As time expired, kicker Garrett Hartley's kick was good, and the Saints won 16-14
“This team was able to stay together and overcome adversity in situations. ... And when we needed events to happen, they did.”

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