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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Big Kickers on Campus, 2013 week 7

A summary of notable kicking during the seventh week of the 2013 college football season: 

Senior kicker
Cairo Santos made five field goals (42, 28, 42, 43 & 42 yards), with the latter a game winner in overtime, to lift Tulane 36-33 win over East Carolina.
“I was just warming up and thought we were going to run the ball a couple more times and get it closer. CJ said he wanted to kick it right away. I’m not a fan of that call, just because I wasn’t expecting it, so it put me in a rush situation a little bit. But I was feeling good all game. CJ making that call just shows how much confidence he has in me. That kind of calmed me down a little bit....
It’s not too big a kick. I knew if I hit the ball right, it was going to go in. I just made sure to focus on the right things, and the ball went straight....  It’s so fun. I got so tired. I’m exhausted now from warming up and especially with three overtimes. But as a kicker, you dream about these situations. As a kicker, making field goals is (job No.) 1, and the chance to help the team at the end is pretty special.”
Senior kicker Nolan Kohorst hit a 44 yarder, his fourth field goal of the day, as time expired to give UNLV a 39-37 win over Hawaii.
"I didn't even know how far it was; I just went out and kicked it. I had faith in my snapper, had great blocking up front, a great hold by Caleb....
I've never hit a game winner, so I didn't know what to do. I just ran one way, and my teammates ran toward me and found me."
Junior kicker Beau Brady hit a 33 yard field goal with 12 seconds left to give Millsaps College a 27-24 win over Trinity (TX)
"It is just an incredible feeling to go back to your home state and be able to win the game for the team. It's the position that every kicker dreams of getting and it is just unbelievable to finally get the opportunity and to come through with one right down the middle."
Freshman kicker Sean McDonald made a 44 yard field goal with one second remaining to give Central Washington a 27-24 homecoming win over Dixie State
"I think my first instance of realizing that it could come down to a last second field goal was when Dixie State had punted it back to us. Once they did, I started to get loose and warm up more. The time came when I knew we had to kick a field goal so I gathered myself and went out. I was nervous but excited to be out there on the field. I knew that I have kicked the same kick in practice many times so I was confident I could do it. I was wishing that I could kick this field goal and win the game for my team. They worked to hard to come back like this and have me miss a field goal. After I kicked it I was pretty confident it was good. It was one of those kicks that just felt good. I was extremely happy it went through the uprights and even with all the huge guys jumping on me I felt like nothing could hurt me. It was an amazing feeling."
Senior kicker Sean Baner hit a 42 yard field goal as time expired to give Delaware a 33-30 win over Albany.
"This is a great feeling, knowing your teammates are relying on you and you can win it for them. My confidence level was high when I went out there. My year hasn't been that great, but in warm-ups I was kicking well. This is what I'm supposed to do. Without the offense and defense doing their jobs, I wouldn't have had the chance. They put me in a great position to make a winnable kick."
Junior kicker Ty Long made a 28 yard field goal with ten seconds remaining to give UAB a 27-24 win over Florida International.

Sophomore kicker Greg Conry's 23 yard field goal in overtime gave Peru State a 41-38 win over MidAmerica Nazarene.
"Prior to the kick, I was trying to stay off by myself on the sideline so I could stay focused on the game before each of my overtime kicks. I just tried to stay positive and visualize my approach and ball strike, to me, its just another kick, no matter the distance or angle, nothing changes. When we went out there to try the 25 yarder for the win, I was thinking in the back of my head that they were going to try and ice me. They did right after I was lined up, their team was yelling "Yeah we are icing you!" and "He's getting cold." During the timeout, I walked away from our huddle trying not to think how of how big this kick was, it was all mental at this point. The snap was perfect and the hold was just as perfect , so all I needed to do was hit the ball perfectly. Right as soon as I hit the ball I knew I had hit it well and as soon as it cleared the line of scrimmage I ran off and heard the cheers. It was definitely one of the highlights of my college career thus far. Hopefully there are more to come as I am a sophomore."
Freshman kicker Alexander Knight's 30 yard field goal in overtime gave Southeast Missouri State a 37-34 win over Murray State.
"I had a couple [game winners] in high school, but nothing like this, to help out all my teammates. I knew we wanted it so bad, me helping out a little bit felt so great."
Junior kicker Justin Haig hit a 41yard field goal with six seconds left to give Marshall a 24-23 win over Florida Atlantic.
"First of all, the O-line did a great job. Matt (Cincotta) had a great snap and Blake (Frohnpafel) had a great hold. People just tend to overlook those things, but without those things, that kick is not possible."
Freshman kicker David Last hit a 28 yard field goal as time expired to give San Diego a 35-33 homecoming win over Marist.
"Before the kick I was just telling myself to go back to the basics with keeping my head down and following through. During the kick I knew I miss hit it and then got hit by the defender which lead to a penalty and another shot. I knew I wouldn't miss twice so I went out there again and hit it through the uprights. Then a couple oline men bear hugged me and then the whole team. I still was disappointed I missed the first one but it was a great win for the team."
Senior kicker Matthew Hill's 37 yard field goal in overtime gave Southern a 20-17 win over Alabama A&M.

Freshman kicker Jake Elliott made five field goals ( 33, 50, 24, 42 & 38 yards) in Memphis' 25-15 loss to Houston.

Sophomore kicker Josh Lambo hit a 33 yard field goal as time expired to give Texas A&M a 41-38 win over Ole Miss.
"It feels so great, not to kick the game-winning field goal, but to do something to help my teammates and reward their effort."
Junior kicker Marvin Kloss hit a 44 yard field goal with 4:03 remaining to give South Florida a 13-10 win over Connecticut.
"[the wind] was pretty rough. I'd say it was definitely a 10- to 15-yard difference each way, especially on kickoffs.... It just felt good to contribute again. Every week I plan on helping this team out and getting a W."
If we missed someone that should be on the above list, please let us know!

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Lincoln University (PA) Junior P/K Kyle Jaski went 3-3 PAT and had a 56.2 yard punting average with a long of 72 in a 28-21 loss to Virginia Union University.

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