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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Big Kickers on Campus, 2013 week 9

A summary of notable kicking during the ninth week of the 2013 college football season: 

Freshman kicker Clarence Clark hit a 59 yard field goal with 11:26 remaining to tie the game and a 52 yarder in overtime to give Baker a 13-10 win over Missouri Valley.
"On all of my field goals I try to focus in, and I try to have all of my land marks placed out. I do (visualize before I kick), because if I see it, then I know I can do it."
Senior kicker Jason Dann hit four field goals, including a game winning 42 yarder with four seconds remaining, to lift Texas State 33-31 over South Alabama.
"That’s the stuff you go to bed at night and dream about. Just to have the chance to do that was amazing.A couple of teammates said that was the most excited they had ever seen me, and I’d have to agree with them."
Freshman kicker Danny Hamilton made six field goals (21, 31, 35, 22, 38 & 28 yards) in Iowa Western's 60-7 win over North Dakota State College.

Sophomore kicker Kyle Fischer made five field goals (26, 35, 33, 30 and 35 yards) in  Louisiana Tech's 23-7 win over Florida International.

Sophomore kicker Nick Sloan hit a 30 yard field goal as time expired to give Navy a 24-21 win over Pittsburgh.
“I try to think of every kick as a new kick, so going into that kick, I heard some of the coaches on the other team saying, ‘You missed a PAT last week,’ kind of giving me a hard time for that. Of course I try not to think about it. I just try to think with confidence and try to visualize myself making this kick. That’s all I could do.”
Senior kicker Shawn Leo made a 26 yard field goal with one second remaining to give West Chester a 32-29 win over Shippensburg.

Sophomore kicker Eduardo Hernandez kicked a 22 yard field goal with 31 seconds left to give Benedict a 29-26 victory over Morehouse.

Junior kicker Richard Sigmon hit a 39 yard field goal in overtime to give Western Carolina a 27-24 win over Elon.
“I kicked a game-winner in high school. I have never done anything like this in my college career.... I was slightly nervous. The team had done their part getting the defensive stop, so I knew it was now up to me. I felt pretty good about the ball when I got it up in the air. It was the best feeling in the world to know I could do this for all the fans who came back for Homecoming and the seniors who had wanted this for so long.”
Senior kicker Warren Frevert made a 45 yard field goal with 1:03 remaining to give William Jewel College a  19-17 win over Quincy.

Freshman kicker Matthew Aven hit a 33 yard field goal in overtime to give Claremont-Mudd-Scripps a 49-46 win over Whittier College.

Freshman kicker Elliott Fry hit a 40 yard field goal in overtime to give South Carolina a 27-24 win over Missouri.
"You have the crowd and everyone going crazy, but you have to find a way to stay calm and do what you do. It is really about focus. A big part of the kicking game is mental and being able to focus when the time comes."
Senior kicker Zack Czap hit a 35 yard field goal with 18 seconds remaining to tie the game and a 29 yarder in overtime to give Lycoming a 20-17 win over Albright.
"I kind of expected to get iced a couple times, but you can't be thinking about that back there. You just go back every time with the same mentality."
Freshman kicker Chase Magsig made a 26 yard field goal with 3:09 remaining to lift Gallaudet to a 16-13 win over Husson.

Senior kicker Jarod Brown hit 24 yard field goal as time expired to give Old Dominion a 27-24 win over Norfolk State.

If we missed someone that should be on the above list, please let us know!

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